www.SexFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.sexfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.SexFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2021 SexFunStore.com Sun, 24 Oct 2021 08:29:56 +0000 Vibrator - Love and lust kit http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-love-and-lust-kit.html "Containing everything you need for a passionate and romantic getaway, the Love and lust kit is a great way to get your partner in the mood for a night of fun and creative sexual play. This kit is all about foreplay-creating excitement and anticipation-so you can start off with any one of the included items and get as creative as your imagination lets you. Here's what's inside: 1. Vibrator: this smooth and firm vibrator is waterproof and has a multi-speed dial at its base that controls the vibrations. This vibrator is one of this kit's main characters and accounts for much of its versatility. 2. Strawberry lust warming lotion: this lotion actually warms with friction, so things will start to heat up in more ways than one. 3. Handcuffs: you know what these are for 4. Scented candle: yet another mood enhancer 5. Massage game kit: this is one of our favorite types of games, and it's played with two dies that you and your partner take turns rolling. One die has an activity on each side, like lick and massage, and the other has a body parts that those activities must be performed on. (Makes a great gift to surprise that special someone with!) " (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-love-and-lust-kit.html Penis ring - Rings of Fire scorch http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-rings-of-fire-scorch.html Fan the flames of desire with this ingeniously designed penis ring. Made of soft and supple rubber, this ring is covered in row after row of raised prongs. These prongs circle their way around the ring and increase in size near the bottom portion and larger top, successfully targeting the clitoris and anal regions for increased pleasure during penetration. Enjoy long-lasting erections and prolonged ejaculation while providing teasing and tickling pleasure for her. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-rings-of-fire-scorch.html Bullet Vibrator - Bullets galore kit http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-bullets-galore-kit.html Bullets galorie kit contains three different sizes of vibrating bullets that all plug in to an incredibly powerful, multi-speed controller -- plus three uniquely shaped jelly-vinyl sleeves, so you can always create the perfect personalized pleasure experience. You even get to choose whether to share the excitement with your lover or double your own erotic pleasure because you can operate two bullets at the same time! This is a triple pack of fun with a mind-blowing array of pleasure possibilities! Bullets measure 2"' x 1", 2-1/4" x 2/3", and 1-1/2' x 2/3". Pin-plug controller uses three AA batteries (not included). (Bullet Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-bullets-galore-kit.html Gel - Not yet gel http://www.sexfunstore.com/gel-not-yet-gel.html Contains 7.5% benzocaine which acts as a desensitizing agent to help the man maintain and prolong his erection and help delay or prevent premature ejaculation. Odorless and tasteless. This product can also be more helpful when used along with a cockring. .5oz (Gel http://www.sexfunstore.com/gel-not-yet-gel.html Gags - Mama peckeroni pasta http://www.sexfunstore.com/gags-mama-peckeroni-pasta.html You won't find such macaroni in the Italian restaurants for sure. Mama Peckeroni pasta from Pipedream is another tasty tribute to the beauties of human nature. It is very tasty and the only difference is that all the macaroni is shaped like little peckers. So if you want to shock your friends in a stylish manner the Mama peckeroni pasta is the thing that you need. (Gag http://www.sexfunstore.com/gags-mama-peckeroni-pasta.html Penis ring - Celtic (2 1/8") http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-celtic-2-1-8.html The Celtic engraved cock ring, with bold visual appeal and stainless steel durability, is a truly exciting item. Gear Essentials has earned a reputation for their modern masculine designs using the strength and splendor of high-quality steel. This erection enhancer is hefty, about a half a pound, best suited for more seasoned ring users. Many cock rings provide stronger, long-lasting erections, but Gear Essentials' seamless steel manufacturing provides a more comfortable fit for the wearer. The Celtic engraved cock ring is discreetly stored in a complimentary gift tin. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water, and then dry with a towel. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-celtic-2-1-8.html Position Pillows - Hump bump & vibe http://www.sexfunstore.com/position-pillows-hump-bump-vibe.html A small pillow with a pocket for a vibrating bullet. Can be used to enhance couple's sex by providing clitoral stimulation. Compatible with other Sportsheet accessories. (Position Pillows http://www.sexfunstore.com/position-pillows-hump-bump-vibe.html Chemise And Panty Set - Embroidered ecstasy chemise set (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-embroidered-ecstasy-chemise-set-l.html This flirty chemise features underwired satin cups with an embroidered mesh overlay, and a floral lace trim. The black mesh bodice is soft and sheer with side gathers on the left side seam. A ruffle mesh trim accents the asymmetrical hem which is adorned with a satin ribbon bow. A matching black g-string completes this set. (Chemise And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-embroidered-ecstasy-chemise-set-l.html Wrist Cuff - Wrist kink cuffs http://www.sexfunstore.com/wrist-cuff-wrist-kink-cuffs.html An adjustable fit and comfortable materials make these bondage wrist cuffs a perfect addition to any bedroom romp. A soft nylon webbing lining is fastened to the lucky captive with a contrasting red leather strap. A roller buckle fastener makes adjusting or removing these cuffs easy. A sturdy dee ring mounted on the strap allows these cuffs to be connected to tethers or other bondage equipment. Adjustable in half-inches from 5" up to 9", they will comfortably fit most wearers. Wrist Kink Cuffs will arrive in a reusable clear tube for easy storage. (Wrist cuffs http://www.sexfunstore.com/wrist-cuff-wrist-kink-cuffs.html Sexy Dress - Fishnet halter dress with panty http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-dress-fishnet-halter-dress-with-panty.html Dress to impress in this one-size-fits-most ensemble. This stretchy fishnet halter dress will mold to your every curve. The triangle cups have a plunging neckline, and soft elastic straps that tie around the neck. The entire back of the dress is cut out, and features vinyl band detail on the lower back, and another one at the hem. Comes with a black vinyl thong. (Sexy Dresses http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-dress-fishnet-halter-dress-with-panty.html Clit exciter (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/clit-exciter-blue.html Designed specifically to hug your love button, this easy to use massager will have you gorging your clitoris on its engulfing head. Sturdy plastic makes this massager durable and reliable, while the waterproof construction ensures safe play whether you're wet or dry. The powerful multi-speed vibrations are controlled by a dial knob on the base, complete with ridged sides for better grip, and unlike most other clitoral massagers the Clit Exciter features an extra long shaft for ergonomic handling and easier reach. Meant to be held upside down, the top of the piece features an angled head with a central divot and a ring of raised nodes that will massage and tickle the outer portions of the clitoral area, while the divot portion encases the clitoris in a world of vibrating pleasure. As well, you can use the back portion and the sides of the rounded head for a broader massage of the area http://www.sexfunstore.com/clit-exciter-blue.html Cream - Body sensation (Strawberry) http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-body-sensation-strawberry.html Body sensation balm with special flavor for sensual massage. Your sensations will change for the better even with small quantity of this fairy balm. 4 oz. (Cream http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-body-sensation-strawberry.html Strap-on dildo - Wave (Violet) http://www.sexfunstore.com/strap-on-dildo-wave-violet.html If defined, stimulating ripples are a favorite feature, consider this a dream dildo. A suction-cup base, rounded head, and tapered body perfectly compliment this toy's texture. Crafted of pure silicone, this non-porous toy is phthalate-free for safe and healthy play. A slender rounded head begins a series of four graduated waves down the shaft for pleasurable sensations. The tri-lobed base is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, in a harness, or against a smooth flat surface, the concave shape makes it a perfect suction cup. The wave cleans up easily with soap and water, or may be boiled for a few minutes to sterilize. For best results, use only with water-based lubricants. (Strap-on dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/strap-on-dildo-wave-violet.html Vibrator - Hedonist (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-hedonist-pink.html Indulge your sexual fantasies with this textured delight. A powerful multispeed motor and bumpy surface combine to give you an orgasmic experience. The 16 stimulating ribs on the shaft will leave you shivering with pleasure as it moves back and forth. A smooth flat tip ensures comfortable insertion. The plastic shaft, with a velvety rubber-cote finish, feels sensual against your body. The hedonist can also join you in an indulgent bath or jacuzzi dip, it's entirely waterproof. Multi-speed vibrations are controlled with a twist of the dial base. Unit takes 2 AA batteries, use only rubber-compatible lubricants with this toy. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-hedonist-pink.html Candle - Shunga massage candle (Lavender) http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-shunga-massage-candle-lavender.html Enjoy sensual massage with this soy based candle. Gentle aroma makes it most delicious treat ever. - Soybean wax melts in small temperatures creating sensually warm (not burning) massage oil. - To use it burn the candle, wait 20 minutes until it melts then pour small amount into your palm with included spoon and gently apply to desired area. - Use this oil for relaxing erotic massage or as after bath oil to moisturize skin. - The candle tin is decorated with erotic Japanese paintings. (Candles http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-shunga-massage-candle-lavender.html Glass G-Spot Shaft - Pyrex dildo mini latty pocket rocket http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-pyrex-dildo-mini-latty-pocket-rocket.html This Phallix glass dildo (4 inch long by 3/4 in diameter)is the 'Mini-Rocket' version of the amazing Lattachino G-Spot dildo that we also carry in our collection. An inside out multi-colored Pyrex dildo shaft that's a real eye catcher. Several color styles available. Slicker than dildos made of traditional materials. Lubes last longer because this dildo is Non-Porous! (Glass G-Spot Shaft http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-pyrex-dildo-mini-latty-pocket-rocket.html Tights - Opaque fashion tights http://www.sexfunstore.com/tights-opaque-fashion-tights.html These opaque fashion tights add a colorful change to everyday wear and make a great addition to any sensual outfit. They also go well with costumes and theatrical wear. Made out of nylon, these tights are opaque in color and are quite comfortable to wear. (Tights http://www.sexfunstore.com/tights-opaque-fashion-tights.html Adapter - Electrical adapter http://www.sexfunstore.com/adapter-electrical-adapter.html Save on batteries with this special AC adapter. Comes with a long cord and fits any wall socket. Made exclusively for the Tongue vibe. (Adapter http://www.sexfunstore.com/adapter-electrical-adapter.html Cream - Shimmer cream (Amber sun) http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-shimmer-cream-amber-sun.html Add a little come-hither shimmer to your skin with this sexy scented cream. Rich, moisturizing Shimmer Cream contains vitamin E and carrot oil to revitalize skin while adding a sexy sparkle. Made with natural and organic ingredients like sunflower oil and shea butter, this product is tested on people, not animals. Packaged in an elegant glass jar that fits in on your boudoir table or bathroom counter. (Cream http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-shimmer-cream-amber-sun.html Peek A Boo Bra, Panty And Garter Belt Set - Peek a boo lace set http://www.sexfunstore.com/peek-a-boo-bra-panty-and-garter-belt-set-peek-a-boo-lace-set.html Made out of a romantic lace, this peek a boo set will get your partners motor running. The bra top is made entirely out of lace with opaque black trim. The bra cups are split down the middle and tie closed with satin black ribbons so you can so as much or as little as you'd like. The matching panties are made out of the same lace and feature the same black trim. They also have an opening in the center of them that can be controled by the black satin ribbon ties. It also comes with a matching garter belt. (Peek A Boo Bra, Panty And Garter Belt Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/peek-a-boo-bra-panty-and-garter-belt-set-peek-a-boo-lace-set.html Bullet Vibrator - Executive power bullet http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-executive-power-bullet.html (Bullet Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-executive-power-bullet.html Butt plug - Classic butt plug royal (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-classic-butt-plug-royal-black.html Don't hesitate to take this butt plug sex toy for a test ride. With its slim base, tapered head and variant shaft thickness for your utmost enjoyment, this adult toy is perfectly suited for anal play. Mother Nature herself could not have dreamed up a more suitable toy for anal masturbation. The tapered shape of this butt plug sex toy makes stimulating your prostate child's play. This anal plug will intensify your orgasms and make you beg for more in no time. Constructed from soft rubber, this Doc Johnson anal dildo will drive you wild with its revolutionary state-of-the-art skin stimulating material and accentuated features. No bedtime romp could ever be complete without the pleasures of this butt plug. It is important to keep any sex toy clean. The use of condoms is recommended to keep this porous adult toy clean and to minimize the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria especially if the toy is being used both anally and vaginally. To get the most pleasure from your adult sex toy use a new condom for each partner and for each part of the body and use mild soap and water to clean the dildo after use. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-classic-butt-plug-royal-black.html Bra And Gartini Set - Hearts and lace bralette with gartini (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-gartini-set-hearts-and-lace-bralette-with-gartini-s.html Perfect for Valentine's Day yet subtle enough for any sexy encounter, this sheer bralette features a red velvet heart on the center of the bustline. A strap around the neck and another around the back add support, while the lace floral pattern hints at what's in store. The waistline of this matching red lace gartini is embellished with two smaller hearts, and has an attached g-string as well as adjustable garters. (Bra And Gartini Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-gartini-set-hearts-and-lace-bralette-with-gartini-s.html Anal Bead - Anal beads http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-bead-anal-beads.html What peaks of excitement can simple things can offer. These plastic medium sized anal beads from California Exotic are great for trying out new kinds of stimulation. Five plastic balls that are comfortable to the touch and easy to insert are all connected through a retrieval cord, which allows you to manipulate easily the whole piece and don't let it go too deep. (Anal Beads http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-bead-anal-beads.html Camisole set - Chiffon and faux leather cami set (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-chiffon-and-faux-leather-cami-set-m.html This HOT little number is sure to spice things up. This sexy black corset-inspired cami is a combination of chiffon and faux leather. The bust and flounce sleeves consist of the sheer chiffon giving you that peek-a-boo feel. The front is made of faux leather, and features an adjustable buckle front opening. The cami has boning for a slimming effect, and has stretchy microfiber backing for a custom fit. The included neckband is a soft satin ribbon that ties around the back, and has a matching adjustable buckle on the front. Comes with sheer black thong. (Camisole set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-chiffon-and-faux-leather-cami-set-m.html Dildo - Vinyl vengeance smooth http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-vinyl-vengeance-smooth.html Step your play up a notch with this heavy-duty toy from Doc Johnson. Sure to become a bedroom favorite, this is an impressive tool. Standing 8 1/4" tall, this big boy packs a solid girth into a smooth shafted design that features a stimulating ring 2" above the base. Crafted of non-toxic TPR silagel, this toy is pthalates and latex-free. Try a water-based lube with this toy for even more slippery sensations. (Dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-vinyl-vengeance-smooth.html Penis sleeve - Beaded penis sleeve (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-sleeve-beaded-penis-sleeve-pink.html Your lady is sure to enjoy this exciting new accessory from Pipedream's love tool arsenal. The Beaded penis sleeve is made out of silicone that provides great comfort and allows you to stretch it over your cock with ease, and features a special beaded texture that is designed to stimulate your lady's interior in the most sensitive spots. Be ready that she'll ask you to put it on again the next time. (Penis sleeve http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-sleeve-beaded-penis-sleeve-pink.html Bra, Panty And Garter Belt Set - Silver sparkle garter (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-garter-belt-set-silver-sparkle-garter-m.html A dazzling three piece set, this bra and garter combination includes a mesh-lined underwire demi-cup bra, accented by a beautiful satin bow that hangs from the mid-chest. The bra is also trimmed with a gathered mesh that lines the top of the cups and uses adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a comfortable fit. The flounced garter is decorated with a silver sparkle that weaves its way throughout the sheer fabric, curving over the thighs and flowing around to the back, while a solid black front panel covers the matching g-string. (Bra, Panty And Garter Belt Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-garter-belt-set-silver-sparkle-garter-m.html G-Spot Vibrator - Plain G (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-plain-g-pink.html Generic G-spot vibrator is good for the beginners trying G-spot stimulation. - Powerful multispeed vibrations are adjusted by dial at the base. - Vibrating element is located in the middle of the shaft. - Jelly oval ring situated in the middle of the shaft is covered with soft nubs. It stimulates labia and makes this vibrator suitable for the prostate stimulation working as a flared base. - Soft PVC material. - The battery compartment is waterproof. - Because of PVC odor we recommend washing this vibrator with soap and warm water and let it dry on the open air. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. - As with all PVC toys please use condom over the shaft. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-plain-g-pink.html Glass dildo - Gold spiral wrapped baton http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-dildo-gold-spiral-wrapped-baton.html No, your eyes are not fooling you this high quality medical grade glass dildo is infused with 24-karat gold. A real fuming process was used to insert the gold into the spiral ribbing that adorns the shaft, giving it a gorgeous color, and guaranteeing that it will never fade or wear off. Tempered for durability, this dildo is strong and heavy, but also dishwasher safe and completely hypoallergenic. As well, the nonporous glass is slicker than most materials and keeps lubricants lasting as long as you need. Created with perfect dimensions by a team of medical professionals, the distinctly arched shaft and conical head are ideal for g-spot or p-spot stimulation, while the external ribbing makes penetration incredible. Recommended by doctors, this baton also features a thick handle that makes control easy for yourself or another. A free velvet carrying pouch is included. (Glass dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-dildo-gold-spiral-wrapped-baton.html Triple Stimulation Vibrator - Lady godiva http://www.sexfunstore.com/triple-stimulation-vibrator-lady-godiva.html Endorsed by renowned sexologist Dr. Laura Berman, this power-packed sensual toy will bring you personalized pleasure with ten speeds and five functions for many different combinations. The center stem is rounded at the tip for easy insertion, with the removable bullet-style motor mounted in the middle. Raised heart shaped bumps are on each side of the base, one smooth and one with a nubby texture to vary sensations. Designed to be pressed against the clitoral and perineum areas, these raised hearts provide extra stimulation during use. The comfortably angled controller allows you to choose from five functions of pulsation and vibration and ten independent speeds. Both speeds and functions are operated by a pair of heart-shaped buttons, and indicated by red LED lights. The Lady Godiva will arrive with a purple mesh pouch for storage and travel. (Triple Stimulation Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/triple-stimulation-vibrator-lady-godiva.html Masturbator - Bimeiki spiral http://www.sexfunstore.com/masturbator-bimeiki-spiral.html (Masturbator http://www.sexfunstore.com/masturbator-bimeiki-spiral.html Crotchless bodystocking - V-back fishnet crotchless bodystocking (One size fits most) http://www.sexfunstore.com/crotchless-bodystocking-v-back-fishnet-crotchless-bodystocking-one-size-fits-most.html You'll be more than happy to get caught in this fishnet bodystocking. Soft, 100% nylon material will caress your body for a form-fitting delight that reveals all your assets wrapped in medium-gauge mesh. The solid black spaghetti straps provide support and a comfortable fit, while the low-slug back frames your upper body for a sexy delight. The crotch features a cut-out portion just above the thighs with a solid black trim covering anything that isn't mesh. (Crotchless bodystockings http://www.sexfunstore.com/crotchless-bodystocking-v-back-fishnet-crotchless-bodystocking-one-size-fits-most.html Costume - Chamber Maid (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-chamber-maid-l.html This Chamber Maid costume is the perfect eye candy for your hot encounter. The black microfiber chemise features underwired cups that have a white floral lace trim and a ruffled lace hem. The white satin apron has matching lace trim, and a lace ribbon that ties around the back for a comfortable fit. To complete your look, slip on the included white hat. (Costumes http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-chamber-maid-l.html Paddle - Heart paddle (White / Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/paddle-heart-paddle-white-red.html Exclusively from WhipSmart, the love paddle is a fantastic addition to any toy box. The Heart Paddle is made out of white leather and has sensuously soft fake fur on one side of the paddle, so you can decide whether you want a stinging love tap or a deliciously soft one. This paddle is very lightweight as well, but you need not worry that it won't deliver a spanking. It most definitely will. The color choices for these paddles are definitely top notch as well, they come in either Red and White or Pink and White. Each of which is a fabulous color combination. (Paddle http://www.sexfunstore.com/paddle-heart-paddle-white-red.html G-Spot Vibrator - Lucid dream no. 99 http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-99.html Each and every time that Doc Johnson releases a Lucid Dream vibrator, they get better and better. And number 99 is no exception by any means. Made out of a soft, supple jelly rubber, this toy has a silky surface texture to it that is very unique. And because it's made out of soft jelly, it will bend and flex with you naturally for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Number 99, or Squirmy, features a vibrating motor tucked away in the head of the toy as well as rotations for a multifaceted experience. The curves and bends that make up the shape of this toy make it an absolutely exquisite G-Spot vibrator. The head is curved just enough for G-Spot stimulation, and if you need a little bit something extra, simply switch on the rotation function and throw it into high gear. The vibrations are quite powerful, yet are not overwhelming. They're not as quiet as other Lucid Dream vibrators are, but the trade off is that you get a little bit more oomph and power with Number 99. Each function has its own controls on the base of the toy, and they're easy to use. There's an "Up" & "Down" button for both vibration and rotation. To turn on either function, press the "Up" button, and keep pressing it to cycle through the three speeds. To turn it off, simply press the "Down" button until it turns off. There's not much more to it, and that's absolutely wonderful. There's also a wonderful extra function for the rotation, a Reverse function that lets you change the direction your toy spins. Simply press the round button that says R/S to mix things up a little bit. And just like all other Lucid Dream toys, Number 99 is waterproof. You can take it anywhere you want, no matter how wet or dry it may be. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-99.html Bullet Vibrator - My first bowling http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-my-first-bowling.html This cute toy is a great first vibrator for the bowling fans and for other beginners. - 10 intense vibrating functions. - Shaped is a tiny bowling pin the bullet will be great for pinpoint stimulation. - Pretty lacquered plastic material is safe and non-porous. - The bullet is waterproof. However don't submerge the control pack in water. (Bullet Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-my-first-bowling.html G-Spot Vibrator - Bling bling shimmer G (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-bling-bling-shimmer-g-purple.html Shiny, slim, and full of power, this multi-speed contoured vibrator is just the thing for beginners in the wonderful world of G-spot stimulation. This sleek piece is made of smooth metallic plastic for an ultra-sexy look and comfortable feel that's stylish and skin-friendly. The contoured head is angled slightly with a rounded point-tip for easily maneuverable penetration and is covered with raised "magical" hearts for an added element of stimulation during your playtime. A ridged knob-dial base directs the amazing multi-speed vibrations and superb waterproof construction make this piece useful in the water or out. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-bling-bling-shimmer-g-purple.html Personal massager - Discretion widebody (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/personal-massager-discretion-widebody-black.html Take this sleek compact vibrator with you in the shower, in an overnight bag, or even in a purse. Featuring one powerful speed, waterproof design, and a velvety texture, it's proof good things come in small packages. A long cord allows the Discretion Widebody to be looped over a wrist for better maneuverability, and a wide back makes it easier to grasp for clitoral stimulation play. Plastic casing is finished in a velvety-soft texture that feels great in hand and against your body. Batteries are also included, so you start playing right away. (Personal massagers http://www.sexfunstore.com/personal-massager-discretion-widebody-black.html Gags - Bachelorette party great for eight http://www.sexfunstore.com/gags-bachelorette-party-great-for-eight.html How many things can you think of to do for a dollar? Well we've got 6 right here! You can blow, suck, lick, touch, pinch or kiss for a buck. These make a great addition to any Bachelorette party and will surely kick the festivities into high gear on your gal pals last single night. (Gag http://www.sexfunstore.com/gags-bachelorette-party-great-for-eight.html Glass G-Spot Shaft - E-glass spine http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-e-glass-spine.html Made out of scientific grade, SG-1 Borosilicate, e-glass is a fantastic alternative to a Phallix toy. They are extremely resiliant to breakage and can withstand light bangs and reasonable drops without chipping or shattering. The e-glass Spine is as pleasurable as it looks. It can be used for vaginal and anal penetration, it all depends on the user. The toy is made up of 6 small bead shapes and 1 large bead at the end. This large bead helps make it perfect for anal insertion. The curve to the shaft of this toy helps to provide g-spot and prostate stimulation for any user. e-glass can be used as is, or you could put it in your freezer or run it under warm tap water for a few minutes to heat or cool it, it all depends on what temperature you desire. (Glass G-Spot Shaft http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-e-glass-spine.html Bed jacket - Bella flora jacket (XL) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bed-jacket-bella-flora-jacket-xl.html This stunning, chiffon cropped jacket is a wonderful addition to any sensual wear collection. The sheer black jacket features flared cuffs on the sleeves and a ruffle trim at the bottom hem and neckline. The sleeves also have a mesh panel with a floral embroidery design. G-String not included. (Bed jacket http://www.sexfunstore.com/bed-jacket-bella-flora-jacket-xl.html Strap-on vibrator - Passion wings http://www.sexfunstore.com/strap-on-vibrator-passion-wings.html Slide on this erotic strap on clitoral vibrator and let the fluttering wings, textured surface, and multispeed vibrations rock your world. Adjustable straps and T-style back offer a comfortable and close fit, keeping the sensations right where you need them. To adjust the speed, just turn the small dial at the top to the left or right. Vibrations are transferred through the soft nubs that line the body and inside wings of the butterfly stimulator to arouse the clitoris and labia. A large nub at the top and bottom of the butterfly focus extra pleasure on the clitoris and perineum for even more enjoyment. Fully waterproof, this strap on clitoral vibrator makes a great shower or bathtime companion, the bullet may also be removed and used separately, if desired. Bullet requires three watch batteries, Passion Wings comes with six batteries to start the pleasure right away. Wash with antibacterial soap and water between uses. (Strap-on vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/strap-on-vibrator-passion-wings.html Butt plug - Luxotiq anal plug (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-luxotiq-anal-plug-blue.html (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-luxotiq-anal-plug-blue.html Cream - Body collection massage creme (lavender) http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-body-collection-massage-creme-lavender.html Permeate the senses for a purely mesmerizing erotic massage with Penthouse's Body Collection Massage Creme. Amplify the power of touch, and take the fresh and earthy aroma of Eucalyptus to energize your lover. (Cream http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-body-collection-massage-creme-lavender.html G-Spot Vibrator - Sinnflut chester cheeky (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-sinnflut-chester-cheeky-purple.html This friendly ghost vibrator will delight you with intense multi-speed vibration and a stunning contoured design for premium quality pleasure and excitement. Made of hygienically superior silicone, this piece is hypoallergenic and durable, ensuring long-lasting fun with your new buddy. The contoured ghost design features a large bulbous head and smiling face, perfect for external and internal massage, as well as precise G-spot stimulation. The hands-behind-the-back accent doubles as a clitoral stimulator, focusing the impish hands on tickling and teasing your sensitive spot. The three speeds of vibration are controlled by an ergonomically designed handle with a single easy-push button and mini joystick. Powerful yet quiet, this waterproof piece is great in any wet locale and uses a plug-in charging unit for repeated performances that require nothing more than an outlet and an imagination. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-sinnflut-chester-cheeky-purple.html Cock And Balls Device - Sewn figure 8 cock & ball toy http://www.sexfunstore.com/cock-and-balls-device-sewn-figure-8-cock-ball-toy.html If you are looking for a truly exquisite accessory to caress and tease your package with, the Sewn figure 8 cock & ball toy by Spartacus will definitely give you a new sense of pleasure during the next bdsm play. Made out of high quality leather that provides you with a firm grip and comfortable feel, this item represents a simple strap with snap closure. But if you twist it correctly, you get a stylish ball divider and a cock harness in one that will make your package look aggressive and sexy both. (Cock And Balls Device http://www.sexfunstore.com/cock-and-balls-device-sewn-figure-8-cock-ball-toy.html Paddle - Paddle fleece http://www.sexfunstore.com/paddle-paddle-fleece.html If you think ping pong is a peaceful game it's time to reconsider. The Paddle fleece by Spartacus is a new flogging tool designed especially for sporty flogging lovers that want to add a nuance of competition even to their naughty games. Made out of soft leather and reinforced by spring steel, this paddle delivers thrilling sensations right where they are needed. 16" of black flogging pleasure. (Paddle http://www.sexfunstore.com/paddle-paddle-fleece.html Penis Pump - Male enlargement (2 1/4") http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-pump-male-enlargement-2-1-4.html The benefits of using this medically approved product include: a longer thicker penis, a more intense ejaculation and orgasm, reversal of penis shrinkage due to age, correction of curved penis, prevention of impotence, enhancement of self confidence and self esteem and improvement in sex drive and sex life. The package comes with a hand trigger release vacuum pump designed for easy gripping. An air pressure gauge lets you know how much vacuum pressure is being applied. The cylinder is made of medical grade, industrial strength acrylic. Tapered at the top, it compliments the shape of the penis. The connector hose provides easy attachment. The package also contains leather penis strap to use after pumping session. Be sure to use a sufficient amount of lubricant, as it causes the skin to have more elasticity, thus enhancing the effect of the product. This might seem a bit complicated, but not to worry, the package provides thorough instructions. Happy pumping! (Penis Pump http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-pump-male-enlargement-2-1-4.html G-Spot Vibrator - G-spot teaser pleaser (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-spot-teaser-pleaser-pink.html The interesting design of this G-spot vibrator is meant to pleasure two erogenous zones at once. A curved shaft, clitoral stem, and several functions might just make this toy your favorite. The bulbous head is tilted at the perfect angle for G-spot pleasure, and packed with arousing nubs for textural pleasure. The clitoral stem, while not vibrating by itself, features rows of nubs for lots of stimulation. Press the button on the base to cycle through three climactic pulsing patterns or a steady vibration. Take the G-spot Teaser into the bathtub or shower for wet thrills, the waterproof body allows it to be used in any setting you desire. For best results, use with a favorite lubricant and wash before each use. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-spot-teaser-pleaser-pink.html Sex lotion - Wet heating massage lotion (Passion fruit) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-lotion-wet-heating-massage-lotion-passion-fruit.html With Wet's Heating Massage Lotion, you get not only a lotion that warms up as your massage progresses, but a tasty treat as well. Available in 4 delicious flavors, you'll love using this for a sensual massage as much as you will love using it for oral sex as well. Simply use as much as is needed for the massage, as you rub it in it will get warm. And when you blow on it, it gets hot. (Sex lotion http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-lotion-wet-heating-massage-lotion-passion-fruit.html Tickler - Ostrich feather (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-ostrich-feather-red.html Feather fantasy tickler: make long lingering strokes on you lover's skin. Following the contours of their body, find their special "spot" or "tickle zone". "Flutter" and "twirl" in place to get a rise out of your partner. (Tickler http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-ostrich-feather-red.html Crme heart pasties (BC) http://www.sexfunstore.com/crme-heart-pasties-bc.html Show only what you desire with the help of these sexy little pasties. Whether you're looking for just a little coverage, or just don't want to wear a bra, these are comfortable to wear and stay on even in the water. The soft material provides a smooth and flexible fit, while the lace and satin add a unique sense of style. They have a hypoallergenic medical adhesive, and come in two different sizes. Protective nipple pads are also included http://www.sexfunstore.com/crme-heart-pasties-bc.html Vibrator - Kisses heart vibe http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-kisses-heart-vibe.html There's a whole lot of loving going on with this sweet vibrator. Covered in raised hearts, this fun and playful toy will surely make you fall in love. Press the little white heart button on the base to cycle through low, medium and high vibration settings. The delicious sensations will travel up the velvety-smooth plastic shaft and tingle in the little hearts. This waterproof beauty can also join you in a bubble bath, shower, or hot tub. Unit takes 3 AAA batteries. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-kisses-heart-vibe.html Spray lubricant - Sugar Mama (Tangerine dream) http://www.sexfunstore.com/spray-lubricant-sugar-mama-tangerine-dream.html Topco and Hustler's Think Pink! line is a selection of wonderfully sensual body cosmetics that are completely edible. Think Pink! brings you Sugar Mama, a lickable body shimmer spray that is as much fun to wear as it is to have it licked off. Available in 3 delectable flavors: Cotton Candy is a scented confection that will tempt your senses without the sticky skin. Sweetly tingle your memories of childhood while opening your mind to adult pleasures. Cherry Bomb may cause an explosion. Packing a powerful cherry punch, this scent is for all that are sweet, and more than just a little bit naughty. Tangerine Dream is a fantasy of citrus and creamy vanilla. This delicious trip of a scent will linger long after you're sleeping. Spray some on and you won't wait long! Sugar Mama Lickable Body Shimmer can be used on your skin, in your hair, practically anywhere that you'd like to have an extra bit of attention. (Spray lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/spray-lubricant-sugar-mama-tangerine-dream.html Vibrator - Lover's beginner set http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-lovers-beginner-set.html If you're new at this and ready for excitement then here are all the items you and your lover will need to get started on an incredible sexual adventure. The powerful mini vibrator is perfect for a sensual massage and by slipping on the textured jelly sleeve you'll create a thrilling sex toy. The jewel-like pleasure beads will create new heights in ecstasy for the both of you. By placing the titillating textured cock ring on the penis base you'll make that magic moment of orgasm more powerful and longer lasting. The vibrator with the sleeve measures 4.75-inches in length and 5-inches in circumference. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-lovers-beginner-set.html Finger Vibrator - Jelly finger stim - purple http://www.sexfunstore.com/finger-vibrator-jelly-finger-stim-purple.html If you like masturbating, you'll love the Jelly finger stim - purple by Pipedream. This two-piece set features two unique finger sleeves, each textured uniquely, for enhancing you solo sessions or adding an extra excitement to your foreplays. Made out of jelly, these sensuous items give you the best comfort, safety and excitement for experiencing wild stimulation and incomparable pleasure. (Finger Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/finger-vibrator-jelly-finger-stim-purple.html Probe - Julie Ashton anal teaser http://www.sexfunstore.com/probe-julie-ashton-anal-teaser.html 6 inch ribbed black rubber anal probe. 1 1/2 inch wide at it's widest point with a 4 1/2 inch circumference. Many items are not exactly round so the relationship between around and wide may not match that of a circle. (Anal Probe http://www.sexfunstore.com/probe-julie-ashton-anal-teaser.html Vibrator - Vivid red hots Briana http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-vivid-red-hots-briana.html Doc Johnson & Vivid have teamed up for a wonderful new line of vibrators called Vivid Red Hots. They are soft and flexible waterproof vibrators made out of TPR. Briana's Red Hot is curved and contoured in a very nice way. The head is tapered for easy and comfortable penetration. The rest of the vibrant red shaft has curves for days for exquisite stimulation during penetration. Made out of TPR, these vibrators are very hygienic as the material is non toxic and is virtually non-porous for an easier to clean toy. These toys are also very petite in size, so they're great for people who are new to adult toys, but will make an excellent choice for the experienced toy user as well. And best of all, these vibrators are waterproof so you can take it in the shower, the pool, the hot tub, or just use it in your bedroom. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-vivid-red-hots-briana.html G-Spot Vibrator - Waterproof pixies mini G (Orange) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-waterproof-pixies-mini-g-orange.html At first glance, this little sparkly vibe is cute, compact, and stylish. Turn it on, though, and you'll be amazed at the power to come out of such a small package. The gently curved head is designed to comfortably nestle against your G-spot, and the motor just below the head delivers vibrations where they are needed most. Run a warm bath and relax with the Mini G, it's waterproof and will happily indulge in a bubble bath with you. Push-button switch on the base turns the unit off and on, and can also be tapped intermittently to give a pulsing effect. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-waterproof-pixies-mini-g-orange.html G-Spot Vibrator - Delight (Pink / Rose) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-delight-pink-rose.html The perfect bedroom accessory for the woman who wants to indulge herself, the Delight is aptly named. A host of speeds, functions, and a special rechargeable case make this elegant sex toy the perfect pleasure tool. Petite and ergonomic, the special "Royal Curl" shaped handle is easy to hold and maneuver, with the lighted controls thoughtfully placed right at the top of curve. The rounded tip is specially designed for G-spot pleasures, while a small bump is perfectly placed for clitoral stimulation at the same time. Pressing the + button turns it on, while each subsequent press increases the speed, through ten graduating levels. At the highest speed, additional taps will allow you to enjoy two speeds of escalation or a pattern of pulsation. The - key cycles down speeds, and an additional press at the lowest setting turns the unit off. A quiet motor ensures your enjoyment stays discreet. To recharge, simply place the Delight in its special plug-in case for up to three hours, once the control pad lights stop blinking, charging is complete. Medical-grade silicone and plastic construction ensures this phthalate-free toy is comfortable and safe to use, and easy to clean with soap and water. The Delight is also splash-proof, which means it can be enjoyed in the shower, but should not be submerged. For best results, use only with water-based lubricants, a sample is included. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-delight-pink-rose.html G-Spot Vibrator - Aquarius http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-aquarius.html Smooth and erect with a tapered tip, the Aquarius also comes with a patterned jelly sleeve you can use with it. This sleeve is covered in a series of square nubs that are almost scaly, its tip is curved for VIP access to the G-spot, an extension in the side of the sleeve that's topped off with nubs is there for your clit's personal satisfaction, and the entire sleeve is made out of a soft jelly that conducts the vibrations quite well. However, these multi-speed vibrations, which are controlled via the dial-base, are still stronger when you use the rigid plastic vibrator without the jelly sleeve. Keep in mind that since the sleeve is removable, there are lots of other sleeves you can try out on this vibrator, and that's this toy's most versatile feature (and yes, as you might have guessed from the name, it is waterproof.) (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-aquarius.html G-Spot Vibrator - G-spot tongue teaser http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-spot-tongue-teaser.html It won't take many licks for this dual-action vibrator to get to your sweet spot thanks to powerful G-spot and clitoral stimulation. The expertly contoured shaft is made of super smooth and soft jelly that's pleasing to the touch and will feel delightful as it glides in and out. The piece begins with an angled and bulbous head, designed specifically for intense G-spot attention, massaging the entire region with throbbing vibration and rotation for mind-blowing pleasure. This rounded head then tapers gently into a thinner shaft, before tapering back out until it reaches the battery pack base and handle. The attached clitoral stimulator is shaped like a salivating tongue and mouth, holding steadfast to your desire and never tiring as it provides tickling and flicking thrills for your clitoris. The handle features two slider controls for independent action of the vibration and rotation functions, and an easy to load battery pack. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-spot-tongue-teaser.html Gartini And Stockings Set - Sexy garter g-string and hosiery set http://www.sexfunstore.com/gartini-and-stockings-set-sexy-garter-g-string-and-hosiery-set.html Sexy will be just one of the words you hear when wearing this lovely garter belt and g-string combo. Fabricated out of 100% nylon, the soft garter has a two-tone pattern that continues around the waist and down the thighs, connecting to the diamond patterned stockings. This pattern has wide holes in comparison to traditional fish net and is finished at the top with a thick black trim. What really sets this piece apart from others however, is the rhinestone "sexy" nameplate on the garter waist. This lovely addition sits enticingly just below the belly button and just above the crotch, adding an element of glamour to an already alluring set. A matching black g-string is also included. (Gartini And Stockings Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/gartini-and-stockings-set-sexy-garter-g-string-and-hosiery-set.html Dildo - Ringed dong (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-ringed-dong-purple.html Ribbed and ready to go, this fantastic Radiant Gems dildo is a one-way ticket to pleasure courtesy of the fine folks at Doc Johnson. Incredibly soft and smooth, the Radiant Gems series features some of the most premium and well-made products on the market. This particular dildo his contoured for extraordinary pleasure thanks to its supple head and coiled shaft. The head is an elongated oval that tapers lovingly down into a ridged shaft that will send waves of pleasure through your body during penetration. The solid, yet totally flexible construction ensures a comfortable fit that's easy to maneuver and gentle on the body, while also including a flared base with concave bottom for a better grip and stability. Gorgeously colored and scented, this piece is also made out of the all new Sil-a-Gel material, making it non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and cadmium and latex free. (Dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-ringed-dong-purple.html G-Spot Vibrator - Candy G-spot vibe (Pearl white) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-candy-g-spot-vibe-pearl-white.html This delectable treat will help you hit your sweet spot, whether it's a G-spot or prostate. Smooth and thin, this feels as good as it looks. A pearly finish accents this comfortably slender vibe, while a slightly angled tip helps with g-spot stimulation. A twisting dial base controls the multispeed vibrations. The shape also makes it ideal for anal exploration and prostate stimulation. This g-spot vibe can hop into the bath, shower, or pool with you, too, it's waterproof. Unit takes 2 AAA batteries. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-candy-g-spot-vibe-pearl-white.html Chemise And Panty Set - Heart mesh chemise set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-heart-mesh-chemise-set-s.html This charming chemise set from Coquette is sure to set the mood. This sheer top features a gathered empire waistline adorned with a pink satin bow, and a black ruffled lace trim. The front side of the shoulder straps has a satin pink ribbon with a soft lace overlay, and elastic band on the back side which is adjustable. The included heart mesh g-string has matching ribbon detail with lace overlay. (Chemise And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-heart-mesh-chemise-set-s.html Vibrator - Conqueror (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-conqueror-purple.html (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-conqueror-purple.html Lubricant - Liquid sex warming http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-liquid-sex-warming.html Heat things up with this warming lubricant that doubles as a massage lotion. As it lets you slip and slide through intimate contact, the friction starts a warm sensation that enhances your erotic encounters. The bottle features a wavy design that allows you to grip it easily, even with slippery hands. Use it for foreplay as massage lotion, or during lovemaking as a sexual lubricant. Easily rinsed off, this water-based lubricant is compatible with all types of condoms and toys, and won't stain fabric or sheets. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-liquid-sex-warming.html Gel - System JO clitoral gel http://www.sexfunstore.com/gel-system-jo-clitoral-gel.html The one and only silicone-based clitoral stimulation gel, this scintillating product is all natural and pH balanced to promote intense sexual sensitivity in women. Tested for high quality effectiveness and made with a wonderful peppermint scent, this gel is hormone and L-Arginine free, and safe for use with condoms. Just apply a small amount to the clitoris and massage in as the tingling sensation will take effect within 3 to 5 minutes and can last up to 45 minutes. Good for up to 50 applications, this gel is perfect for the woman who needs a little extra sensation. (Gel http://www.sexfunstore.com/gel-system-jo-clitoral-gel.html G-Spot Vibrator - Heartbreaker II http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-heartbreaker-ii.html Let yourself be enthralled by Heartbreaker's modern design and outstanding technology. It's splash-proof and powerful motor, palpable structure and the curved point guarantee unsurpassable g-spot stimulation. This vibrator is non-toxic, odorless, made of medical-grade silicone and easy to clean. The controller is mounted at an angle so that you can easily adjust the vibration level. It is 8 inches long with 6 1/2 inches insertable and 1 3/4 inches at widest point. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-heartbreaker-ii.html Vibrator - Tera Patrick's Turbo charged http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-tera-patricks-turbo-charged.html This smooth and firm vibrator gets right down to business and makes no pretenses about its function, this toy is quite powerful, and it's also slim for beginners. The six inch long shaft is made out of hard plastic and has a rounded tapered tip. As for the vibration speeds, you can seamlessly switch between them with the self-contained multi-speed dial at the base. So on the whole this vibrator is simple and "to the point," yet powerful enough to satisfy all your naughty urges-and these are all reasons this toy also makes a great gift. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-tera-patricks-turbo-charged.html Prostate stimulator - Micro saber G http://www.sexfunstore.com/prostate-stimulator-micro-saber-g.html You don't need big toys to get it right and Micro saber G by California Exotic is created for proving just that. Having only 5" in length this probe is made out of soft rubber to deliver you the utmost comfort and pleasure during the game. Its special curved shape is great for g-spot stimulation and the additional flared base makes the toy also very comfortable for anal prostate massaging. The wireless retractable vibrating unit allows you to experience a pleasant gentle buzz right where it's needed. Just set the desired speed and enjoy the fun. (Prostate stimulator http://www.sexfunstore.com/prostate-stimulator-micro-saber-g.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Loungerie babydoll (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-loungerie-babydoll-m.html This gorgeous chiffon babydoll is the perfect mix of sexy and classy. The halter neckline has rhinestone accents that form a mock necklace for a bit of added sparkle. This captivating set comes with a matching g-string. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-loungerie-babydoll-m.html Sex Game - A hot affair http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-game-a-hot-affair.html Dim the lights, switch off the phone and get ready to play the hottest game ever! A Hot Affair will have you loving, laughing and lusting after each other with just a few throws of the dice. Along the way you'll experience new, exciting, and occasionally hilarious challenges with stimulating, sexy and wild conversations. The game climaxes with the winner choosing to make real one of fifty breathtaking fantasies! The perfect start to A Hot Affair. Game includes over 400 novel and fun ideas at three levels of play, 1 playing board, 65 Intimate cards, 65 Passionate cards, 65 Steamy cards, 50 Fantasy cards, 2 player's pieces, 1 die, 12 level pieces and 1 rule sheet. (Sex Games http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-game-a-hot-affair.html Penis ring - Clitoral stimulator http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-clitoral-stimulator.html An air-cushioned penis attachment that fits around the base of the penis, vibrating the clitoris with its tongue as well as massaging the anus. Control the excitement with a multi-speed power pack as you bring each other to the height of arousal and climax. 5 inches long, 3 inch "stimulator". (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-clitoral-stimulator.html Glass G-Spot Shaft - Gold spiral wrapped g-spot (1 1/4") http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-gold-spiral-wrapped-g-spot-1-1-4.html Gold spiral wrapped g-spot is a 7" long clear solid Pyrex shaft with a beautiful 24-karat gold spiral wrapping. It's available in 1" and 1.25" diameters and the gold wrapping is smooth adding approximately .2" to the shaft. The wrapping is colored by a real 24-karat gold "fuming" technique that is in the glass itself, it will never fade or wear off and it's totally safe. The head is smooth, clear and rounded .25" larger than the shaft. The base is flared and designed to stand up. Slicker than traditional materials, non-porous, lubes last longer, tempered for high durability. A free velvet pouch is included with every Phallix dildo. (Glass G-Spot Shaft http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-gold-spiral-wrapped-g-spot-1-1-4.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Sapphire chiffon babydoll set (2X) http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-sapphire-chiffon-babydoll-set-2x.html This angelic babydoll set will embrace your curves in all the right places. The sexy sheer bust is crafted of a beautiful floral lace with a scalloped trim. A satin bow centered with a pearl-like bead accents each shoulder strap which adjusts to your liking. The sapphire chiffon bodice is split into four separate tresses creating an open front, as well as an open back, and sides. The matching lace g-string has a cute bow in the front and a scalloped trim. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-sapphire-chiffon-babydoll-set-2x.html Leash - 4 foot chain leash (Cone) http://www.sexfunstore.com/leash-4-foot-chain-leash-cone.html This chain leash is absolutely gorgeous. It has a beautifully done chain that sparkles in the light. The chain itself is 4 feet long so you can give your "pet" plenty of room to roam. The handle is made out of leather and has studs on it. It also doubles as a mini slapper and it can give quite a love tap. (Leash http://www.sexfunstore.com/leash-4-foot-chain-leash-cone.html Dildo - Rascal 02 (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-rascal-02-pink.html This stout ridged dildo is a premium quality product, handcrafted and expertly designed to produce astounding stimulation and delightful pleasure. Made of hygienically superior 100% silicone, this piece is hypoallergenic, odorless, tasteless, dishwasher safe, and completely phthalate free for safe and healthy play. This incredibly soft piece starts with a large and smooth rounded tip head for easy insertion, before descending into a ridged and coiled shaft for added stimulation during penetration. The shaft is also constructed with a dual-density pureskin&tarde, outer layer and solid muscle inner-core for wonderful lifelike sensations. The wide flared base ensures extra safety and a solid grip for expert handling and control, while also housing the single push-button activator for vibrations. This stylish piece is also entirely waterproof, making it ideal for teasing and pleasing in all wet and dry locales. (Dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-rascal-02-pink.html Massager - Ideal http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-ideal.html This one-of-a-kind massager from Natural Contours will have you doing more than just relieving stress as it works its magic across every nook and cranny of your body. Ergonomically constructed for a multifunction grip, this wireless massager is great for left or right-handed people, and can be held comfortably to reach anywhere. Great for the neck, spine, lower back, and every "other area" imaginable, you won't have to stretch or strain to enjoy this piece. The flexible spring ball head has smooth and sensual touch that can bend to the natural curves of your body, offering strong massage without any unneeded pain. The high quality Japanese motor controls the two oscillating speeds of the head and comes with AC/DC power cord for recharging. The high quality ABS plastic makes it superior to other materials because of its hardness, gloss, toughness, and electrical insulation properties. As well, this tasteful and elegant piece is made under strict ISO standards, guaranteeing standardized product safety and reliability. A wonderful item, "no other massager offers you so many possibilities to pleasantly stimulate." (Massager http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-ideal.html Penis ring - Silicone lovers' arouser dolphin http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-silicone-lovers-arouser-dolphin.html The Silicone Lovers' Arouser is a fantastic multipurpose toy for couples from California Exotic Novelties. Made out of hygienically superior silicone, this toy is designed to meet the needs of both the man and the woman. The cock ring part of the toy has ribs inside and out. Not only do the ribs add extra support, but they also increase stimulation for the woman in the first 1/3 of her vagina, where the most sensitive nerve endings are. The clitoral stimulator on this toy, which is shaped like a dolphin, is designed to tantalize and delight the clitoris for increased pleasure. The underside of the dolphin has a single row of textural nubs running the length of the shaft. The toy also comes with a waterproof mini vibe that you can insert into the dolphin stimulator for sensual vibrations. And because it's made out of silicone, it's quite stretchy and can accommodate most bullets easily if you have a favorite one already. The underside of the cock ring also has a nubbed "tail" that stimulates your anus for an extra pleasing time. The Mini Vibe is easy to use, simply insert the 3 watch batteries, which are included, and press the button to turn it on. The Mini Vibe is 25% more powerful than most others as well. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-silicone-lovers-arouser-dolphin.html Vivid bunny (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vivid-bunny-blue.html New from Doc Johnson and Vivid is the Bunny. This jelly vibrator is shaped just like a bunny rabbit and provides the ultimate in clitoral stimulation and it is also equally good for G-Spot stimulation when inserted. Made out of jelly rubber, this soft and pliable vibrator delivers excellent vibrations to the two ears on the head of the toy. The vibrating bullet is located inside the head, so the vibrations will be strongest in the bunny's head. The ears and head will nuzzle and caress your clit while you take a wild romp into ecstasy. You can also use this toy for G-Spot stimulation. When inserted, the head stimulates that elusive spot and will help you reach one of the best orgasms. You can take your new Vivid Bunny into the shower or bath with you as it is waterproof, so it's equally impressive on dry land as it is in the drink http://www.sexfunstore.com/vivid-bunny-blue.html Bra And Skirt Set - Fetish femme black bra and skirt set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-skirt-set-fetish-femme-black-bra-and-skirt-set-s.html This very girly and flirty outfit is made of black chiffon material. The halter style bra features buckle ribbon. Short skirt has open back with two rows of adjustable satin ribbons. Buckle choker and matching G-string complete the set. (Bra And Skirt Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-skirt-set-fetish-femme-black-bra-and-skirt-set-s.html Gags - Bachelorette party invitations http://www.sexfunstore.com/gags-bachelorette-party-invitations.html Spread a word with style with the Bachelorette party invitations by Pipedream. This exciting pack features 8 invitation cards with a hot hunky stud printed on and 8 envelopes for the cards. Make everybody know what you're planning to do and how naughty it will be. A good start for a fun-packed adult bachelorette party you are sure to enjoy. (Gag http://www.sexfunstore.com/gags-bachelorette-party-invitations.html Anal Bead - Flexi Felix (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-bead-flexi-felix-pink.html Flexi Felix a toy especially for fans of anal pleasures. The flexible anal chain consists of differently sized, elliptically formed elements, which deliciously stimulate when gradually introduced and pulled out again, and instead of a handle or a secure cord it has a friendly beetle face for pulling out the chain. Flexi Felix consists of 100% skin-safe silicon and is therefore easy to clean. It is 12" long and 10" insertable. The largest bead is 1" wide. Available in three colors, its high-quality finish is also very impressive. (Anal Beads http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-bead-flexi-felix-pink.html Spray lubricant - Silky sheets (mystical musk) http://www.sexfunstore.com/spray-lubricant-silky-sheets-mystical-musk.html Create a very romantic atmosphere in your bedroom with the Silky sheets by Holiday Products. This exclusive spray contains a unique formula that make ordinary sheets feel like silk. Just spray some amount on your bed and enjoy great sensations no matter what the material of your sheets is. Plus, the spray helps to dry up that uncomfortable "wet spot". A small amount of pheromones included to the formula also helps to achieve full arousal. 6 different scents to choose from. (Spray lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/spray-lubricant-silky-sheets-mystical-musk.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Coquette print babydoll and g-string http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-coquette-print-babydoll-and-g-string.html A seductive outfit sure to please your partner, this matching babydoll and g-string set is made of mesh nylon with a lovely print and stunning detail. The Coquette print mesh babydoll features a front clasp closure for easy removal with adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and support. The top interior is lined with a ruffle trim and the unfinished edges of the flounced portion cascade outward to reveal the midsection. A matching g-string with the same Coquette print mesh is also included. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-coquette-print-babydoll-and-g-string.html Glass G-Spot Shaft - Gold fumed rocky road (1") http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-gold-fumed-rocky-road-1.html A 7" long clear, solid, ribbed g-spot shaft. The ribs are gold fumed in the glass and radiate a golden amber hue. Available in 1" and 1.25" diameters, the ribs are randomly placed around the shaft and add approx .375". The clear head is approx .25" larger than the shaft with a flared base designed to stand up. Slicker than traditional materials, non-porous, lubes last longer, tempered for high durability. A free velvet pouch is included with every Phallix dildo. (Glass G-Spot Shaft http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-gold-fumed-rocky-road-1.html Bra, Panty And Skirt Set - Flocked heart mesh set (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-skirt-set-flocked-heart-mesh-set-m.html This three-piece bra and panty set adds a playful twist to your erotic night. Made with a flocked heart mesh, the bra top features lined underwire cups that are split in half with a sheer ruffle across the top. Adjustable shoulder straps and hook-and-eye closures add support and comfort, while the coquette lips sit lovingly in the center of the chest. The sheer skirt is made with the same flocked heart mesh and hangs to just below the crotch, covering the matching g-string. The skirt is further accented by a sheer pink and black ruffle trim that extends around the bottom of the piece. (Bra, Panty And Skirt Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-skirt-set-flocked-heart-mesh-set-m.html Light silver star pasties (AB) http://www.sexfunstore.com/light-silver-star-pasties-ab.html Show only what you feel with the help of these sexy little pasties. Whether you're looking for just a little coverage, or just don't want to wear a bra, these are comfortable to wear and stay on even in the water. The soft material provides a smooth and flexible fit, while the sequin and satin add a unique sense of style. They have a hypoallergenic medical adhesive, and come in two different sizes. Protective nipple pads are also included http://www.sexfunstore.com/light-silver-star-pasties-ab.html Butt plug - Silicone Crystal Cote butt plug (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-silicone-crystal-cote-butt-plug-red.html Smooth and supple, this slim sized silicone butt plug makes the perfect companion for all the curious amateurs out there on their maiden anal voyage, and that's 'cause you want to start off with a smaller size probe and work your way up to the larger ones over time. This graduation will make all your future anal encounters, be they with toys or a partner, all the more comfortable and relaxed. The soft and pliable silicone material it's made of serves the same purpose and also features Dual-cote texture (different interior and exterior densities) for added durability and sturdiness. A suction cup on the base provides additional stability for hands-free use and is also harness-compatible-just two more reasons to befriend this little guy, so have fun and play safe! (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-silicone-crystal-cote-butt-plug-red.html Body Paint - Liquid latex (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/body-paint-liquid-latex-black.html This pasty liquid will self-vulcanize at room temperature. As soon as the initial coat of Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic is applied to your skin and dries our liquid latex body coating naturally shrinks approximately 3 percents, creating that sensuous "Second Skin". (Body Paint http://www.sexfunstore.com/body-paint-liquid-latex-black.html Bustier And Panty Set - Flocked hearts bustier (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-flocked-hearts-bustier-l.html Send a romantic signal to your partner anytime of year, Valentine's Day or not, with this delightful bustier. Made out of sheer black mesh, this bustier has red flocked hearts on it and features a red ribbon lace up front for a customized and sexy fit. Also included in this set is a pair of panties that matches perfectly, even down to the lace up front details. (Bustier And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-flocked-hearts-bustier-l.html Clitoral pump - Golden bumble http://www.sexfunstore.com/clitoral-pump-golden-bumble.html This is one of the most fun and innovative toys we've come across, and it's perfect for the woman who appreciates versatility and likes to spice things up. Made of a supple and pliable jelly, the Golden bumble's suction cup fits snugly over the clitoris, inside the vaginal lips. Then with just a few squeezes of the hand pump the bumble sucks itself right onto your erogenous zone and hovers there for maximum stimulation. Use the purge valve to release the suction or to repeat the oral sex effect. Once you position the flexi cup just the way you like it, you're ready to take advantage of the wide range of speeds with the seamless dial. You can also remove the jelly cup and use just the vibrating egg for anal or clitoral stimulation, and if you're with a partner, he's sure to find that the included honey flavored lube is a ""sweet"" touch. (Clitoral pump http://www.sexfunstore.com/clitoral-pump-golden-bumble.html Vibro erotems butt plug royal (Beige) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibro-erotems-butt-plug-royal-beige.html 5 1/2" long, 2 1/2" wide multi-speed vibrating butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibro-erotems-butt-plug-royal-beige.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Wedding night babydoll set (One size fits most) http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-wedding-night-babydoll-set-one-size-fits-most.html Your special night deserves a special ensemble. This soft mesh babydoll is embroidered with floral designs, and features an open back. A white satin ribbon with a lace trim ties around the neck, and another under the bustline for a suitable fit. A matching panty with a keyhole opening completes this sexy set. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-wedding-night-babydoll-set-one-size-fits-most.html Vibrator - Vivid's swirl marble vibrator (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-vivids-swirl-marble-vibrator-red.html Vivid's swirl marble vibrators are multi-speed powerful vibrators, yet compact and discreet. Made of seamless plastic and in funky colors they are very attractive and easy to handle. Total length is 6 inches with approximately 5.5 inches insertable. Use 1 AA battery (not included). (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-vivids-swirl-marble-vibrator-red.html Bra, Gartered Skirt And Stockings Set - Bra and skirt set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-gartered-skirt-and-stockings-set-bra-and-skirt-set.html This pinstripe ensemble is made of stretch microfiber, and features a bikini style top with triangle cups and a bow in the center. The matching skirt has attached adjustable garters, each accented with a small pink bow, and a pink elastic waistband which is also adorned with a delicate bow. Comes with pinstripe thong, and black thigh highs. (Bra, Gartered Skirt And Stockings Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-gartered-skirt-and-stockings-set-bra-and-skirt-set.html G-Spot Vibrator - G-pulse with pulsatron http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-pulse-with-pulsatron.html The G-pulse is made out of soft jelly and curved to reach and stimulate the g-spot. Included are a vibrating bullet that can be placed anywhere along the shaft for maximum sensation and a 7 pulsatronic function controller. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-pulse-with-pulsatron.html Sex lotion - Body heat (Cinnamon) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-lotion-body-heat-cinnamon.html Flavored warming massage lotion in a unique body shaped bottle. 8 fl oz. (Sex lotion http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-lotion-body-heat-cinnamon.html Penis ring - Fury brushed (2 1/8") http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-fury-brushed-2-1-8.html You'll be hard as steel with the Fury cock ring by Gear Essentials. Your partner will not only admire the Fury's beautiful brushed metal finish, but will be equally impressed with the effects of this superior erection enhancing ring. Gear Essentials has created a thing of beauty: the wider support of a double banded ring, but with the seamless solidity of a single stainless steel piece. The Fury is perfect for the experienced user who wants a sleek and modern look but seeks a heavier, more supportive cock ring. Gear Essentials rings can be cleaned using warm water and antibacterial soap, towel dry. Fury weighs over a half a pound and is designed with veteran ring users in mind. Gear Essentials storage tin included. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-fury-brushed-2-1-8.html Bra And Panty Set - Satin bra and thong set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-satin-bra-and-thong-set.html This one-size-fits-most bra and thong set is uniquely designed to give you that sexy feminine look. This ensemble features a satin chocker that is trimmed with a beautiful ruffled lace and has hook and eye closure in the back. A satin strip connects the chocker to the bra creating an exceptional design. The demi cup style bra is also trimmed on the bustline with the identical ruffled lace, and stretches to fit your every curve. Includes a matching thong with elastic strap detail on the back. (Bra And Panty Sets http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-satin-bra-and-thong-set.html Penis ring - Ying yang love ring (Green / Cucumber) http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-ying-yang-love-ring-green-cucumber.html Experience powerful and long-lasting erections with this super stretchy penis ring. Made from 100% hygienically superior silicone, this ring is non-toxic and non-sticky, as well as completely odorless and very easy to clean. The ring is set in a fabulous black and white color pattern and features internal pressure-point nodes for direct shaft stimulation. Add girth and prolong ejaculation with this wonderful piece. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-ying-yang-love-ring-green-cucumber.html Candle - Beeswax aromatherapy pillar candle (ylang ylang / palmarosa) http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-beeswax-aromatherapy-pillar-candle-ylang-ylang-palmarosa.html Each 2"X3" pillar candle has a wonderful scent which is made better by the natural beeswax base. Each candle has its own unique scent: -Sensuality-palmarosa, ylang ylang & patchouli -Well being-ylang ylang, cedarwood, nutmeg & lavender -Uplifting-lavender, geranium & tangerine -Clarity-eucalyptus, orange & lavender -Relaxing-lavender -Tranquility-lemongrass, cinnamon & rosemary Bluecorn Naturals using a lightly filtered beeswax, which retains some of the sweetness of the unfiltered beeswax, but still burns cleanly. Their motto is "you breath what you burn", so why not have an all natural candle instead? (Candles http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-beeswax-aromatherapy-pillar-candle-ylang-ylang-palmarosa.html Penis ring - Playgirl signature pleasure ring (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-playgirl-signature-pleasure-ring-black.html Bring out your bad boy side with this signature vibrating penis ring from Playgirl. This subtle ring features powerful vibrations and a super stretch ring for increased stimulation and greater stamina as you play. The top bullet-shaped portion uses a simple dial control to turn the vibrations on and off, while also including a nubbed portion along the front for direct clitoral stimulation. The ring itself can stretch accommodate most shaft sizes and also features raised nubs along the edge for even more tickling and teasing as you share an intimate moment. As well, the waterproof construction means you can enjoy long-lasting erections and prolonged ejaculation in any wet environment. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-playgirl-signature-pleasure-ring-black.html Penis ring - Dual support magnum ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-dual-support-magnum-ring.html Enhance your erection and make your package look even more impressive with this stretchy Dual Support Magnum Ring. An elongated tube offers more support than the typical cock ring, while nubs on the stretchy testicle ring add stimulation. The 1 " long barrel-shaped ring hugs tightly and supports the shaft with stretchy TPE material. The six rounded nubs on the loop below offer extra sensation for the testicles and give a great fit. Phthalate free for safe and healthy use, this toy is free of the chemical scent that is sometimes associated with sex toys made with translucent material. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-dual-support-magnum-ring.html Mouth gag - Beginner ball gag (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/mouth-gag-beginner-ball-gag-black.html Pacify your partner's pleasures with this beginner ball gag. Handcrafted and designed, this contoured ball gag is modeled on an infant's pacifier, with an outer mouth piece for comfortable insertion and retention in the mouth. Made of 100% hygienically superior silicone, this piece is hypoallergenic, tasteless, dishwasher safe, and phthalate free, making it ideal for safe use in the mouth. Soft and smooth, this silicone gag also comes with leather straps that can be affixed to the gag via snap closures, while the Velcro portions ensure a precise fit and supportive adjustment around the head. (Mouth gag http://www.sexfunstore.com/mouth-gag-beginner-ball-gag-black.html Crotchless bodystocking - Rose bouquet suspender bodystocking http://www.sexfunstore.com/crotchless-bodystocking-rose-bouquet-suspender-bodystocking.html Spice up your night with this sexy mesh bodystocking. Made with 100% nylon material, this stocking features a rose bouquet pattern across the entire piece with stretchy shoulder straps to ensure a comfortable fit. The crotch features cut-out portions, with the finished trim curving around the area from the navel down to the mid thigh, and side thigh cut-outs for an added stylish appeal. (Crotchless bodystockings http://www.sexfunstore.com/crotchless-bodystocking-rose-bouquet-suspender-bodystocking.html Blindfold - Mask - patent leather http://www.sexfunstore.com/blindfold-mask-patent-leather.html We all know how exiting the darkness can be, especially when it comes to bedroom play. Mask - patent leather is another unique accessory that offers you both the comfort and the pleasure. Made out of soft leather and line with faux fur this blindfold is both comfortable and stylish. Put it on and experience enhanced sensitivity while your vision is restricted. (Blindfold http://www.sexfunstore.com/blindfold-mask-patent-leather.html Rabbit Vibrator - Eden waterproof blossom (Red / Green) http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-eden-waterproof-blossom-red-green.html Petite and gentle, this slender pleaser is excellent as a warm-up sex toy, or on it's own for those that are very sensitive and prefer their toys with soft vibration and very mild girth. Vibrating bullets are located just below the flower head and inside the clitoral attachment for dual stimulation. The shaft dotted with small raised nubs for extra sensation as it slides in and out. A twist of the dial base calls up multiple speeds to suit your desires. Waterproof in design, the Eden Waterproof Hummingbird Blossom can also join you for a sensual bath or shower. (Rabbit Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-eden-waterproof-blossom-red-green.html Dildo - King pin smooth http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-king-pin-smooth.html Illuminate your pleasure with this wonderful Radiant Gems series probe courtesy of Doc Johnson. Smooth and super soft, the dildo starts with a small knobbed head that is great for initial penetration and stimulation, while the shaft gradually increases in thickness as it approaches the rounded base. This base features a concave bottom with suction capabilities for most hard surfaces. The shaft itself is solid, ensuring powerful and reliable thrusting, but at the same time remains quite flexible, allowing for comfortable movement and easier control. Made of the fantastic Sil-a-Gel formula, this piece is completely non-toxic and anti-bacterial, while also being latex and cadmium free, promising safe and continued play. Beautifully colored and pleasantly scented, the King Pin is primed to rule over your intimate delights. (Dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-king-pin-smooth.html Bra And Panty Set - Sequined top with g-string (ML) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-sequined-top-with-g-string-ml.html A dazzling two-piece, this bikini styled top and matching g-string are covered in sparkling sequins to add some flash to your romantic encounter. The triangle top features adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort and support, and lace-up center cups that end in a ribbon tie just below the strap. This stunning accent offers a glimpse of the delights in store for your significant other. The matching g-string uses the same sequined design and also has a lace-up front with a ribbon tie at the waistband. (Bra And Panty Sets http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-sequined-top-with-g-string-ml.html Prostate stimulator - Nexus Glide (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/prostate-stimulator-nexus-glide-black.html Nexus Glide imports European design in a sleek medical-grade plastic prostate massager. The 4" angled shaft begins in a smooth head, curving seamlessly into a gradually wider body before narrowing at the end into three stimulating ribs. A comfortable handle on the back of the device allows you to adjust the angle of insertion to suit your individual needs, while a roller ball delivers unique sensations beneath the testicles while the toy is in use. Once inserted, the device relies on the natural contractions of the internal muscles, this reverberation of motion causes deep prostate stimulation. The Glide also includes a small plastic tool for removal of the roller ball, enabling easier cleaning of the device. (Prostate stimulator http://www.sexfunstore.com/prostate-stimulator-nexus-glide-black.html Penis ring - Dome studded cock strap http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-dome-studded-cock-strap.html If you're a really naughty player and are looking for the ultimate accessory to humiliate your cock with, than the Dome studded cock strap is just the thing you need. Made out of high class leather, it is studded with metallic domes and has three straps to adjust the size. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-dome-studded-cock-strap.html Dildo - Monique Alexander renegade (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-monique-alexander-renegade-purple.html The Monique Alexander Renegade is a TPR material toy with a slender shape and rounded tip, suitable for anal beginners. The head flows from a rounded tip that widens into a slightly flared head before narrowing into the shaft. The ribbed end is best used as a handle for easier handling and retrieval. A pearlescent finish adds a bit of style to this flexible toy, and the smooth texture slides in easily with a little of your favorite water-based lubricant. This toy has a slight fragrance, and may not be the best selection for those with sensitivity to scents. (Dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-monique-alexander-renegade-purple.html Lubricant - Sliquid organics silk (4.2 fl.oz.) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-sliquid-organics-silk-42-floz.html Sliquid Organics is line of the lubricants made with natural ingredients with added certified organic botanical extracts. - Natural creamy and silky, non-sticky texture. - Infused with certified organic botanical extracts of Green tea, Hibiscus, Flax and Sunflower seed, Aloe vera. - Vegan and animal friendly. - Free of petroleum, glycerin, parabens. - Latex, rubber and plastic safe. - Formulated and manufactured in USA. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-sliquid-organics-silk-42-floz.html Panty And Pasties Set - Showgirl http://www.sexfunstore.com/panty-and-pasties-set-showgirl.html Get your partner's blood flowing and his lust soaring when you become his own private dancer in this sexy panty and pasties set from California Exotic. This set comes with a pair of sequined pasties with attached tassels and a matching sequined g-string that leaves very little, if any, room for imagination. California Exotic also includes double sided tape for attaching your pasties so this kit is ready to use out of the box. You can also use spirit gum or toupee tape to fix your sexy pasties in place as well. (Panty And Pasties Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/panty-and-pasties-set-showgirl.html Vibrator - NaughtiNano (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-naughtinano-black.html How naughty is your nano? To answer this question you have to try the NaughtiNano vibrator. Plug this vibrator to your Ipod, Iphone, mp3 player or even guitar and let the music carry you away. The super technology behind this little toy transforms the rhythm from your music device to sensual pulse. To enjoy vibrations simultaneously with music use included splitter with 3 feet freedom cord. The vibrator itself is a sensually contoured shaft with scratch resistant velvety finish. Additional cup with controls allow using the toy without player and adjusting vibration speed and pattern. Two sets of the batteries and a velvet pouch are conveniently included in the set. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-naughtinano-black.html Candle - Floating hearts (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-floating-hearts-blue.html 6 floating heart candles in plastic package. Candles are 1 3/4" in size and available in 4 colors: pink, red, purple and blue. Burn time is 2 hours. (Candles http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-floating-hearts-blue.html Teddy - Purple mesh teddy (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/teddy-purple-mesh-teddy-s.html Treat yourself to this fun and flirty teddy by Fantasy Lingerie. The cups are triangle shaped and are trimmed with a colorful elastic band, and a hook and eye closure around the neck. The bustline has ruffle accents, and features a pretty butterfly patch in the center. The hem is ruffled on the front as well as the back, giving it that skirtini look in the back. This thong teddy is soft mesh with an open back, and has a three-snap closure in the crotch. (Teddy http://www.sexfunstore.com/teddy-purple-mesh-teddy-s.html Anal Ball - Colt power balls (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-ball-colt-power-balls-black.html If you like anal stimulation, than the COLT power balls will surely give you something to get crazy about. The 20" long toy is made out of soft rubber that offers pleasant sensations during the play. Its 5 beads are pleasantly sized and firmly connected for a better control and grip. Plus the additional metal chain gives you even a firmer grip over the anal explorer you never want to leave. Just don't forget to use lubrication. (Anal Balls http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-ball-colt-power-balls-black.html Sexy Dress - Fishnet tube dress with g-string (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-dress-fishnet-tube-dress-with-g-string-m.html Less is more they say and this barely there tube-top styled fishnet dress and matching g-string are just what you'll need to entice that special someone. The dress is made of a polyester and spandex combo and features a large-gauge mesh dress that extends to the upper thigh with a flat black portion across the chest. The dress is finished with a black trim and includes a matching fishnet g-string. (Sexy Dresses http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-dress-fishnet-tube-dress-with-g-string-m.html Butt plug - Buddy (Silver) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-buddy-silver.html As far as butt plugs are concerned, Vixen Creations definitely knows their stuff, no pun intended. Buddy is a delectable little butt plug that is perfect for beginners to the anal play scene and those who have been practicing for quite a while. Buddy is shaped perfectly for prostate stimulation, but you can always take him one step further and use him for G-spot stimulation as well. His tip is tapered and very slender, for an easy, comfortable and painless insertion. And you don't have to worry about him going anywhere, below his narrow tip is a bulbous section that is followed by a very wide base. Buddy is made to stay exactly where you put him. The base is also comfortably designed as well, for a more discreet wearing of Buddy if you were ever to decide to venture out in public with him in place. And because he is made out of silicone, you can throw him in the dishwasher or boil him to clean him up. And you can be assured that he is hygienically superior to other toys and butt plugs made out of rubber and jelly. Silicone is non-porous and therefore has no places on the surface for bacteria to "hide". (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-buddy-silver.html Sexy gown - Satin and mesh empire gown set (1X/2X) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-gown-satin-and-mesh-empire-gown-set-1x-2x.html Be elegant and sexy in this sheer black empire gown by Coquette. Featuring an upper thigh slit on the right side, and a satin ribbon lace-up back with a keyhole opening just below. The fully padded front has underwire cups with gathered mesh and a sparkle trim. Both side seem and back boning adds support, along with soft adjustable shoulder straps. This set includes the matching black g-string. (Sexy Gowns http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-gown-satin-and-mesh-empire-gown-set-1x-2x.html Bustier And Panty Set - Velvet bustier set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-velvet-bustier-set-s.html Soft and sensual to the touch, this cropped bustier will ignite a fire in your partners heart and bring lustful thoughts to their mind. Made out of a stretchy velvet with a contrasting trim, this bustier provides ample support and shaping thanks to the boning. Comes with a matching strappy thong. (Bustier And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-velvet-bustier-set-s.html Vibrator - Velvet touch vibrator (Magenta) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-velvet-touch-vibrator-magenta.html Velvet Touch vibrators are made from plastic yet have a velvety smooth texture that feels almost like a rubber. Feel fantastic used vaginally or anally or simply rubbed gently up and down the clitoris. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-velvet-touch-vibrator-magenta.html Penis ring - The macho (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-the-macho-purple.html This fabulous vibrating penis ring features a little extra something with dangling ball bangers. Made from soft and smooth jelly, this incredibly stretchy ring accommodates most sizes while retaining a tight grip and pressure on the shaft for superior pleasure. This ring is adorned with bulges to increase the stimulation on the shaft and maintain a constant pressure for long-lasting erections and prolonged ejaculation. The nubbed portion at the top of the ring houses a vibrating stimulator for intense clitoral tickling that can be turned on or off with a simple flick of the switch. The two dangling beads at the bottom of the ring, bouncing gently on the testicles while the vibrating ring works its magic up front. Please note: although the packaging advertises the ball banger beads double as an anal toy, we do not recommend this usage as it may be unsafe due to the design. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-the-macho-purple.html Butt plug - Slim butt plug (Mauve) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-slim-butt-plug-mauve.html Don't hesitate to take this midsized black butt plug sex toy for a test ride. With its slim base, tapered head and variant shaft thickness for your utmost enjoyment, this adult toy is perfectly suited for anal play whether you are a seasoned veteran or a curious beginner. Mother Nature herself could not have dreamed up a more suitable toy for anal masturbation. The tapered shape of this butt plug sex toy makes stimulating your prostate child's play. This little anal plug will intensify your orgasms and make you beg for more in no time. Constructed from soft black-colored rubber this Doc Johnson anal dildo will drive you wild with its revolutionary state-of-the-art skin stimulating material and accentuated features. No bedtime romp could ever be complete without the pleasures of this butt plug 5.5" top to bottom and 1.5" wide at its thickest point. It is important to keep any sex toy clean. The use of condoms is recommended to keep this porous adult toy clean and to minimize the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria especially if the toy is being used both anally and vaginally. To get the most pleasure from your adult sex toy use a new condom for each partner and for each part of the body and use mild soap and water to clean the dildo after use. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-slim-butt-plug-mauve.html Sex lotion - Love lotion http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-lotion-love-lotion.html Enhance your foreplay excitement with this new accessory from Doc Johnson. The Love lotion is available in three different flavors to enjoy. It is absolutely safe, edible and has a special heating feature. Rub gently the lotion into your partners skin and he/she will feel heating sensation with your every motion. (Sex lotion http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-lotion-love-lotion.html Pocket rocket - Jenna's rocket booster http://www.sexfunstore.com/pocket-rocket-jennas-rocket-booster.html The world famous Pocket Rocket with a 5 function 10 speed controller. To keep the Rocket more discreet and mobile, simply unplug the cord from the controller and place the battery pack in the Pocket Rocket. To use the multiple functions, simply take out the battery, attach the cable to the controller and let the Pocket Rocket boost you into ecstasy. 1 AA battery for the Booster Vibe and 2 AA batteries for the controller (not included). (Vibe Pocket Rocket http://www.sexfunstore.com/pocket-rocket-jennas-rocket-booster.html Rabbit Vibrator - Verve (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-verve-purple.html One of the hardest working toys in the business, the skin safe elastomer Verve will satisfy sexual desires you didn't even know you had. This Japanese engineered wonder has removable vibrating bunny ears that wedge around the clit and a rotating head that will set your G-spot on fire, but my favorite part of the Verve is the soft tinglers that cover the exterior of the pronounced tip - these are perfect for foreplay. The controls (on the base) are easy to use: immediate on off buttons operate rotation and vibration. The two speed settings are similar but very powerful, and you can switch between those and reverse the rotation direction with one touch buttons. The Verve is also waterproof - you're gonna love using it in the tub. In short, this toy performs. (Rabbit Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-verve-purple.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Daisy lace babydoll set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-daisy-lace-babydoll-set-s.html This angelic babydoll has baby blue floral lace cups that are underwired for added support. A small ribbon bow sits in between them, and is adorned with the signature Coquette lips charm. There is a hook and eye closure in the back which creates a keyhole opening just below it. The soft black microfiber is very forgiving flowing loosely around your body. Slip on the matching g-string to complete this set. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-daisy-lace-babydoll-set-s.html Camisole set - Empire waist camisole and g-string (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-empire-waist-camisole-and-g-string-l.html Unassuming but completely sexy, this two-piece camisole and g-string set is a great way to spice up your intimate encounters. Made with soft lycra material, the camisole features a gathered mesh portion over the lycra with a ruffed trim edge across the top that extends to the adjustable shoulder straps. Just below the chest the sheer body portion descends to the navel where it becomes a flounced, gathered bottom with a detachable bow accent separated by a strip of pink mesh-covered lycra. A matching mesh g-string is also included and features fuchsia stitched detailing along the edges. (Camisole set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-empire-waist-camisole-and-g-string-l.html Bra, Skirted Panty And Garters Set - Lace bra and skirtini set (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-skirted-panty-and-garters-set-lace-bra-and-skirtini-set-m.html This sweet and sexy pink three piece set is just what you need to set the mood. The underwired bra has pleated cups with a beautiful lace trim on the bustline, and a soft bow at the center. The straps are satin and adjustable, and the back has a hook and eye closure. The skirtini features an attached lycra thong, with lace on the waistline and a small bow on the front, and a larger one on the back. The attached garters are identical lace that stretches for an adjustable fit, and comes with white thigh highs. (Bra, Skirted Panty And Garters Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-skirted-panty-and-garters-set-lace-bra-and-skirtini-set-m.html Rabbit Vibrator - Lucid dream no. 48 http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-48.html Almost all of the toys in the Lucid dream collection combine power with style and are unique in their own way, and no. 48 is no exception, this dual-action vibrator features multiple speeds (three each) for both rotation and vibration and is made of soft yet firm jelly. The shaft sports an indented spiral design that feels like you're being drilled when it's rotating and has a tapered and rounded tip. The clit exciter is rounded and smooth like the shaft, but its function is to press against your clitoris and vibrate. These functions are rather simple to control, two pairs of up down buttons change the vibration and rotation speeds, and the r/s button above them reverses the direction of the shaft rotation. Did we mention that this vibe is also waterproof and virtually silent? Undervalued and subtle touches like that are what sold us on this vibe, making it one we're more than happy to recommend. (Rabbit Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-48.html Edible treats - Edible bra (Passion fruit) http://www.sexfunstore.com/edible-treats-edible-bra-passion-fruit.html Want to add some playful twist to your sex life? Now you can enjoy a great foreplay, thanks to the Edible bra by Kingman. This bra is stylish and fits most sizes. What makes it so special, is that your partner can literally eat it of you. Just imagine what kind of excitement this will be for the both of you. Available in 5 arousing flavors to choose from. Make a feast out of your foreplay. (Edible treats http://www.sexfunstore.com/edible-treats-edible-bra-passion-fruit.html Vibrator - Sensual touch butterflies http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-sensual-touch-butterflies.html This feminine vibrator will leave you fluttering with pleasure, thanks to a velvety texture and raised butterfly details. The rounded tip makes insertion easier, while three rows of butterflies add a nubby sensation down the shaft. To cycle through low, medium and high vibrations, simply press the white heart-shaped button on the base. The small size and girth of this vibrator make it an ideal first toy for a beginner, the waterproof feature also means you can take this toy just about anywhere. Moderate noise level on the highest setting. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-sensual-touch-butterflies.html Clitoral jewelry - Clitoral jewelry (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/clitoral-jewelry-clitoral-jewelry-blue.html Non-piercing and designed to remain in place without inflicting pain. This item is a type of jewelry used to add to a woman's sex appeal. This is not a torture device. (Clitoral jewelry http://www.sexfunstore.com/clitoral-jewelry-clitoral-jewelry-blue.html Rabbit Vibrator - Sally seal (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-sally-seal-blue.html Highest quality silicone toys from Europe's leading manufacturer! The rotating vibrators are pure pleasure. While the powerful rotations of the pearl-filled silicone body pamper you vaginally, the vibrations of the external element provide you with on-target clitoral stimulation. Rotation speed and vibration level are adjustable. Sally Seal is non-toxic, odorless, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and easy to clean. It has two separate powerful, yet very quiet motors. Total length is 9" with almost 5" insertable. The clitoral stimulator is 2 1/2" long. Operates with 4 AA batteries, not included. Using a lubricant will only add to the pleasurable feeling. (Rabbit Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-sally-seal-blue.html Emma's water lily (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/emmas-water-lily-purple.html With fluttering petals and a teasing pistel this multi-speed vibrating massager is the perfect piece of fauna to heighten your intimate experiences. Made with generously soft and silky smooth TPR silicone, this comfortable piece is skin-friendly and completely phthalate free for safe and healthy play with every use. The piece begins with a large flared head that is rounded along the back and tapers into a sunken divot on the front. This divot houses a nubbed pistel portion that will tickle and tease the clitoris while the flared petals encase the area in vibrating pleasure. From there, the head descends into a straight shaft that is highly textured with raised ribbing to ensure a greater grip and easier control as you play. The non-slip dial base directs the powerful multi-speed vibrations with a single button and features an EZ-load battery compartment. Superior waterproof construction makes the lily's name perfectly appropriate as it is capable of fun in and out of the water http://www.sexfunstore.com/emmas-water-lily-purple.html Dildo - Moulin rouge ringed http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-moulin-rouge-ringed.html Let this shimmering pink dildo fufill your every desire. With a girth that can satisfy almost everyone, this formidable sex toy is sure to become the star of your collection. A dome-shaped head glides into a body of four widely spaced ribs for maximum textural sensation. A flat base enables this toy to stand on its own for solo fun. Made with a shell of firm vinyl over a flexible Sil-a-gel core, the Moulin Rouge Ringed Dildo has just the right amount of give for comfortable play. Phthalate and latex free for safe and healthy play. (Dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-moulin-rouge-ringed.html Bustier And Panty Set - Iridescence bustier with thong (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-iridescence-bustier-with-thong-l.html A lovely set from the Sexy Bride series, this fantastic outfit features a floral-mesh bustier with matching thong and bow accents. The bustier is made of 100% soft and comfortable nylon material that features a floral-mesh pattern across the underwire cups and continues on a panel just underneath. These cups along with the adjustable shoulder straps and hook-and-eye closures on the back ensure a precise and supportive fit. Several bow accents adorn the bustier, with one in the center and one on each strap, and as well, these straps include a pearl portion for an added style. The bustier extends down with a small-gauge mesh body and solid boning, ending with more bow accents and garters. The matching thong is also included. (Bustier And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-iridescence-bustier-with-thong-l.html Ankle Cuff - Fresh ankle restraints http://www.sexfunstore.com/ankle-cuff-fresh-ankle-restraints.html Add a splash of color to your bedroom bondage play with these bright cuffs. Designed to restrain the ankles, they have a comfortable adjustable fit and adjustable size. A hot pink stripe is centered over a blue background and accented by five pairs of silvertone studs on these polyethylene material cuffs. A padded core and fabric backing ensures they won't chafe or become uncomfortable. A dee ring is centered in the front for leashes, clips, or other tethers. A roller buckle adjusts these ankle restraints to fit from 9" to 14". (Ankle cuffs http://www.sexfunstore.com/ankle-cuff-fresh-ankle-restraints.html Nipple pump - Heart shaped breast massagers http://www.sexfunstore.com/nipple-pump-heart-shaped-breast-massagers.html There are a lot of sex toys on the market, but finding a breast toy that isn't clamp based is sometimes difficult. This pair of soft breast toys work on a suction cup-like principle to stay against the nipples and deliver stimulating sensations. A sexy fuschia color, the interiors of these heart-shaped cups are lined with raised pleasure nubs to bring sensation to everything they touch. Extended nipple domes are also lined with nubs, the whisper quiet vibrating bullets are located directly below for intense arousal. Made of sensuously pliable TPR material, these toys are phthalate free for safe and healthy play. Batteries are replaceable, carefully remove plastic bullet from the toy and open. Each bullet takes two GP192 batteries, eight are included. (Nipple pump http://www.sexfunstore.com/nipple-pump-heart-shaped-breast-massagers.html Bullet Vibrator - Power bud bullet (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-power-bud-bullet-purple.html The Power Bud is a discreet plastic mini-bullet with a single button controller and a velvety texture. Don't let its sweet looks fool you though, this little bloom is surprisingly strong. You can cycle through three increasing speeds by pressing the center of the flower-shaped remote. The 31" power cord is plugged into the remote with a jack, so if too much tension tugs on the cord, the jack simply slides out instead of damaging the wire, a great feature that keeps your new toy working properly. Unit takes 4 watch batteries, and comes with 2 sets of batteries. (Bullet Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-power-bud-bullet-purple.html Vibrator - Dr. Z pleasure massager prober http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-dr-z-pleasure-massager-prober.html Dr. Z's pleasure massagers are a fantastic new line of toys from California Exotics. These toys are powered by C batteries, so they're very powerful, and they're made out of smooth, hard plastic that delivers ample vibrations and stimulation exactly where you need it. The unique shape of the Prober makes it an excellent toy for vaginal and anal insertion. The head is smaller than the rest of the toy and is tapered for an easy, comfortable insertion. The shaft then flares out with two "wings" and 3 textural nubs on each side to help provide exquisite stimulation. The vibrations are powerful, but not overwhelming. The vibrating motor is nestled in the head of the toy, and the vibrations easily travel up and down the shaft because of the hard plastic material. The controls are simple to use, they're merely a spin dial control on the bottom of where the batteries are house. A simple turn clockwise sets this bad boy into motion and if you keep turning, the speeds increases. And because this toy is waterproof, you can use it anywhere you want, in or out of water. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-dr-z-pleasure-massager-prober.html Bra And Panty Set - Coquette print bikini and tanga shorts http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-coquette-print-bikini-and-tanga-shorts.html With several openings exposing various fleshy treats, this wonderful bikini top and matching shorts set is just the right thing for a sexy encounter. The bikini styled top features Coquette print mesh with two ribbon ties, one around the back and one around the neck for complete support and a comfortable fit. Each bikini cup includes a central slit held together by a small pink ribbon. The matching tanga shorts also feature the Coquette print mesh with an unfinished trim and a central slit in the front and a peek-a-boo back, each with small ribbon accents. (Bra And Panty Sets http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-coquette-print-bikini-and-tanga-shorts.html Sex oil - Making love flavored massage oil http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-making-love-flavored-massage-oil.html A balanced formulation of natural vegetable oils, Vitamin E, Ginseng and other aromatic flavors to arouse the senses. This massage oil will not become sticky or tacky and has a long lasting lubricity. It is also vanilla flavored, and tastes quite good. Not latex condom compatible (Sex oil http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-making-love-flavored-massage-oil.html Top And Panty Set - Peasant top with panty http://www.sexfunstore.com/top-and-panty-set-peasant-top-with-panty.html A delectable two-piece set, this peasant top with matching panty is just the thing for that special romantic scenario. The top is made of sheer and soft mesh and features an open neck line, short gathered sleeves, and a lace trim. The chest portion also includes a large chiffon bow adornment that hangs lovingly between the breasts. The top extends to just above the navel, ending with an unfinished and slightly gathered trim. A matching panty with chiffon ribbon side ties is also included. (Top And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/top-and-panty-set-peasant-top-with-panty.html