www.SexFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.sexfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.SexFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2020 SexFunStore.com Wed, 25 Nov 2020 15:20:55 +0000 Tickler - Incognito tickling dust brush http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-incognito-tickling-dust-brush.html Gently paint on an edible delight with this multi-speed vibrating brush and tasty, sugar-free berry-flavored powder. Soft to the touch and sensually teasing, this brush will flick its bristles across the body, dashing on the berry powder to the most intimate of areas for a tasty and lickable reward. The smooth plastic handle ensures a comfortable and supportive grip, and the ridged knob-dial base directs the powerful multi-speed vibrations. Wireless and easy-to-use, this brush can be used with or without the powder for a fun and tickling experience, and the water resistant properties make it easy to clean. (Tickler http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-incognito-tickling-dust-brush.html Vibrator - Intimate interludes vibrator (Lavender) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-intimate-interludes-vibrator-lavender.html This beautiful vibe is perfect for shy beginners and experienced players alike. The slender multispeed pastel vibrator has a comfortable 0.80" diameter and can be used on its own. It can also be slid into the hard plastic sleeve to add a bulbous head and an extra half inch of girth to this sensual toy. The sleeve has a velvety soft finish and fits securely onto the vibrator for worry free play. Your interlude can also slide into a bubble bath with you, thanks to its waterproof styling. Multispeed vibrations are controlled through a dial base, the unit takes 2 AA batteries. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-intimate-interludes-vibrator-lavender.html Lubricant - Toko aroma formula (Strawberries & champagne) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-toko-aroma-formula-strawberries-champagne.html Toko aroma formula is formulated to create delicious candy flavor without bitter aftertaste. This water-based lubricant create sensual slickness where needed and is great for oral pleasures. You can choose your favorite from 6 tasty formulas. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-toko-aroma-formula-strawberries-champagne.html Glass G-Spot Shaft - Ball head with curved elbow glass dildo wand http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-ball-head-with-curved-elbow-glass-dildo-wand.html Built To Last a Lifetime, Hypoallergenic, Dishwasher Safe, Slicker Than Traditional Materials, Non-Porous, Lubes Last Longer, Tempered For High Durability and Doctor Recommended. If that doesn't get you excited, please note that glass sex toys are the single fastest growing trend in the sex toy industry-and not just in the US. Women can't get enough of these hard glass sex toys and men can't resist using these sex toys either on themselves or on their partners. Why wait to experience the extraordinary pleasures this glass dong sextoy will bring to your masturbation sessions? With its smooth tipped head, sensuously curved erect shaft, and unique glass elbow at the tip of the shaft to stimulate your special spots inside and out, this hand-blown glass cock is waiting to become the glass slipper that transforms your Cinderella nights into Fairy Godmother Sextravaganzas. Other than the health and sexual benefits of using glass, what truly sets apart this glass dong from other dildo sex toys are its perfect dimensions specially created by a team of medical professionals, to ensure complete sexual arousal: you just can't ignore the satisfying 6 inch long, smooth sex toy shaft made for stimulating your innermost erogenous zones, nor this sex toy's perfect 1 inch width with a special g-spot and p-spot stimulating elbow at the end of the wand shaft to make this sextoy just right for slipping in and out of your erotic pleasure zones. Don't rely on someone else to tell you why this hand-blown erotic sex toy is the best new sextoy invention-whose immense popularity even led to an episode on HBO's Real Sex-treat yourself to one today and as the say, once you go glass, you never go back. Please note that this is a thick and heavy sex toy. It is important to keep any sex toy clean. The use of condoms is recommended to further minimize the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria especially if the sex toy is being used both anally and vaginally. To get the most pleasure from your adult sex toy use a new condom for each partner and for each part of the body. Use mild soap and water or place your glass sextoy in the dishwasher to sterilize the dildo after use. (Glass G-Spot Shaft http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-ball-head-with-curved-elbow-glass-dildo-wand.html G-Spot Vibrator - Thumper G (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-thumper-g-blue.html 4" 2 speed g-spot massager. This adorable little vibrator is compact and extremely powerful. High and low speeds are controlled by an easily accessible switch on the batter cap. This baby uses 3 AA batteries, not included, for maximum power. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-thumper-g-blue.html Vibrator - Radiant Lighted Penis http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-radiant-lighted-penis.html Travel into the Orgasm Nebulae with the Radiant Lighted Penis by California Exotic. This soft, stylish vibrator is made out of high quality jelly for the most pleasant sensations during your sessions. It is 7" long a features a special thick-veined texture to maximize your pleasure and stimulate your special sensitive spots. The toy has a funky glow-in-the-dark function that allows you to enjoy its beaty even in the night-time. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-radiant-lighted-penis.html Tickler - Leather tickler (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-leather-tickler-purple.html Ignite your "sinsuality" with the Leather tickler by Sportsheets. Made out of high quality leather and and plastic, this playful accessory incorporates a classic design of teasing tools that is so pleasing to use. The good firm handle will allow you to hold the tickler while you are punishing that naughty partner of yours and if the leather doesn't make them obey - you can always give the handle a new kind of application. Have some fun! (Tickler http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-leather-tickler-purple.html G-Spot Vibrator - Sinnflut chester cheeky (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-sinnflut-chester-cheeky-purple.html This friendly ghost vibrator will delight you with intense multi-speed vibration and a stunning contoured design for premium quality pleasure and excitement. Made of hygienically superior silicone, this piece is hypoallergenic and durable, ensuring long-lasting fun with your new buddy. The contoured ghost design features a large bulbous head and smiling face, perfect for external and internal massage, as well as precise G-spot stimulation. The hands-behind-the-back accent doubles as a clitoral stimulator, focusing the impish hands on tickling and teasing your sensitive spot. The three speeds of vibration are controlled by an ergonomically designed handle with a single easy-push button and mini joystick. Powerful yet quiet, this waterproof piece is great in any wet locale and uses a plug-in charging unit for repeated performances that require nothing more than an outlet and an imagination. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-sinnflut-chester-cheeky-purple.html Corset - Fetish pink PVC corset (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-fetish-pink-pvc-corset-m.html This sexy Wet Look corset features soft cups that are each adorned with a satin bow, and a ruffle trim which extends to the adjustable shoulder straps. There is boning on the front, the sides, and the back for that sensual hour glass figure. The front has a hook and eye closure, while the back is satin ribbon lace-up. The pictured shorts and thigh highs are not included. (Corset http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-fetish-pink-pvc-corset-m.html Sensual bath - Hot shower sex kit http://www.sexfunstore.com/sensual-bath-hot-shower-sex-kit.html For wet and wild water play in the shower or tub, the Hot shower sex kit provides everything you need. Enclosed you will find citrus mint shower massage gel to help get that tingly feeling going. And a waterproof sex manual that you can stick up on the shower or tub wall to ensure that things stay exciting. Get ready to lather each other up for a wet and wild adventure! Kit includes: citrus mint shower massage gel, silicone personal lubricant, waterproof sex manual. (Sensual bath http://www.sexfunstore.com/sensual-bath-hot-shower-sex-kit.html Bullet Vibrator - Alexa's double action exciters http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-alexas-double-action-exciters.html The only thing better than one vibrator is two, and that's why famous pornstar Alexa, Wicked Girl, finds this toy "incredible" and says "they don't call these 'exciters' for nothing!" The turbo powered Double action exciters have two individual multi-speed dials that control the two very powerful vibrators you can use to stimulate combinations of the clitoris, anus and vagina, the plastic shafts have accentuated, almost cone shaped tips. No matter how you like it, the Double action exciters' easy to use controls create vibrations that range from gentle to very powerful, so try experimenting with different settings to find out which one's right for you. (Bullet Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-alexas-double-action-exciters.html Body Paint - Large liquid latex (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/body-paint-large-liquid-latex-blue.html This pasty liquid will self-vulcanize at room temperature. As soon as the initial coat of Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic is applied to your skin and dries our liquid latex body coating naturally shrinks approximately three percent, creating that sensuous "Second Skin". 32 oz. (Body Paint http://www.sexfunstore.com/body-paint-large-liquid-latex-blue.html Nipple clamp - Royal clamps http://www.sexfunstore.com/nipple-clamp-royal-clamps.html Whether you're a kinky lover or an S&M enthusiast, a pair of lightweight and comfortable nipple clamps make a great foreplay accessory-especially since they vibrate also! These clamps are rubber tipped and a pair of screws allows you to adjust the spring tension for maximum comfort and control. For many, clamping is its own reward, but you can also shake things up a little with the vibrations. These are controlled by an on off switch on each clamp, and they only vibrate at one speed level (although this setting is quite powerful when you consider this toy's size.) Admittedly, clamps aren't for everyone, but you'll never know until you try, and they're also a great way to bring out your creative side in the bedroom! (Nipple clamps http://www.sexfunstore.com/nipple-clamp-royal-clamps.html Bustier, Panty And Garters Set - Demi cup bustier set (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-panty-and-garters-set-demi-cup-bustier-set-m.html Spice things up with this out of the ordinary demi cup bustier. The blue satin cups are lightly padded for extra lift, and have an underwire for added support. A satin ribbon bow accents the center of the bustline, which is embellished with a floral lace design just under the cups. The bodice is sheer mesh, and has boning on the front for a slimming look. The garters are adjustable, and the back has a hook and eye closure. Comes with a satin blue g-string trimmed in a stretchy black elastic band for a precise fit. (Bustier, Panty And Garters Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-panty-and-garters-set-demi-cup-bustier-set-m.html Butt plug - Remote control anal plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-remote-control-anal-plug.html A new word in discrete and powerful stimulation, Remote control anal plug by California Exotic allows you to explore a new dimension of sensuous play. The 5" long rubber plug is designed for comfortable insertion and the flared base prevents it from getting too deep. But what makes this toy so great is its high tech control unit that allows you to turn on the vibrating action from up to 20 feet away. Enjoy your naughty games even in public places. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-remote-control-anal-plug.html Butt plug - Sassy bendi pacifier (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-sassy-bendi-pacifier-purple.html Sassy bendi pacifier is a great intermediate anal toy. - The size is pretty moderate and will work for adventurous beginners as well. - The suction cup holds the toy firmly on the flat surface allowing user to sit on it. - The material is soft and flexible PVC. - Please wash this toy with warm water and soap prior to each use. As with all PVC toys we strongly recommend using a condom over it. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-sassy-bendi-pacifier-purple.html Costume - Chamber Maid (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-chamber-maid-s.html This Chamber Maid costume is the perfect eye candy for your hot encounter. The black microfiber chemise features underwired cups that have a white floral lace trim and a ruffled lace hem. The white satin apron has matching lace trim, and a lace ribbon that ties around the back for a comfortable fit. To complete your look, slip on the included white hat. (Costumes http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-chamber-maid-s.html Penis ring - Spiked cock strap http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-spiked-cock-strap.html Become a true sexual aggressor with the Spiked cock strap. It is made out of high-quality black leather and is trimmed with aggressive looking spikes. Three straps allow you to adjust the tightness of the strap. Like any other cock-ring this fine specimen allows you to maintain strong erections and avoid undesired ejaculations. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-spiked-cock-strap.html Sensual Kit - Striptease kit http://www.sexfunstore.com/sensual-kit-striptease-kit.html With everything you need to take it all off this striptease kit is the perfect introduction into the world of seductive and exotic dancing. The boxed set includes a sheer scarf, red sequin pasties, body glue and glitter, an instruction booklet, and 10 routine cards. The sheer scarf is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, making it a great accompaniment to any striptease, whether you're wrapping it around your naked body to tease your audience, or using it to bring them closer. The red sequin pasties are nice and bright and will sparkle and shine in the light, while the gold body glitter will shimmer across your curves, mesmerizing your partner in delight. To help you along in your striptease journey, the included booklet offers several tips, tricks, ideas, and methods on how to go about setting the tone of the evening and how to find your "stripper personality." Once this identity is found, the 10 routine cards are a great way to pick a prearranged theme for your performance. From punk rock girl to sexy executive and beyond, these cards provide step-by-step dance instructions as well as makeup, clothes, and music selections to better complete the atmosphere. (Sensual Kit http://www.sexfunstore.com/sensual-kit-striptease-kit.html Egg vibrator - Water-proof egg (Blue / Silver) http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-water-proof-egg-blue-silver.html "Get wet while getting wet" with this totally waterproof vibrating egg. The shape is designed to allow complete control over where to focus the smooth and silky egg's intense vibrations whether it's the clitoris, vagina or any other place you fancy. The remote pack gives you control over four speed settings that are operated by two light-touch up down buttons. (Egg vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-water-proof-egg-blue-silver.html Sexy gown - Velvet forest evening gown (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-gown-velvet-forest-evening-gown-s.html This lovely evening gown from Fantasy Lingerie is an excellent choice for a sexy night out. Made of 100% nylon, this stretchy dress is soft on the inside and pretty velvet detail on the outside. A silver-toned ring connects the triangle cups to the shoulder straps. On each side of the dress is a long open slit that starts at the top of the thigh and goes down to the bottom. (Sexy Gowns http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-gown-velvet-forest-evening-gown-s.html Corset And Panty Set - Satin brocade corset set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-and-panty-set-satin-brocade-corset-set-s.html With a touch more elegance and delicateness than the regular Satin corset, the Brocade corset has a floral design in red and black embroidered on the fabric as well as vibrant red accents. This corset will shape you the way you desire because it is boned and features not only hook and eye closures on the front, but a lace up back for further custom fitting. Also included is a matching G-String. Stockings and Shoes not included (Corset And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-and-panty-set-satin-brocade-corset-set-s.html Costume - Play bunny http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-play-bunny.html This five piece sexy Play bunny costume comes with a teddy, skirt, ears, collar and a leg garter. The lycra teddy features a deep plunging neckline with a fine pink marabou trim. The teddy has straps adorned with black bow details that perfectly match with the garter and collar. The skirt features a marabou trimmed hem, a marabou tail, and an elastic waistband that stretches for a better fit. The included garter, collar, and ears will definitely complete your sexy look. (Costumes http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-play-bunny.html Chemise And Panty Set - Chemise with robe and thong set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-chemise-with-robe-and-thong-set-s.html This flirty three piece set shows just enough to entice your partner. The sheer black chemise will hug your every curve with its beautiful floral detail. The bustline has a fuchsia satin trim accented with a black lace overlay, and adjustable ribbon shoulder straps. The included satin robe has matching trim, and 3/4 inch sleeves. Slip on the satin thong for a complete look. (Chemise And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-chemise-with-robe-and-thong-set-s.html Sex oil - Sensual massage oil (sweet almond) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-sensual-massage-oil-sweet-almond.html Kama Sutra Massage Oil - Strong or gentle, reassuring or sensual, a lover's touch is as unique as the fingerprint from which it originates. These light, non-greasy massage oils glide on easily to minimize friction and avoid irritation. (Sex oil http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-sensual-massage-oil-sweet-almond.html Pump accessories - Stiff & ready kit black http://www.sexfunstore.com/pump-accessories-stiff-ready-kit-black.html This easy to apply, quick-release cock ring makes any man maintain a firm erection and creates incredible staying power. It's hand pull tabs allow for easy and quick application and removal. Includes sample size Stiff & Ready Delay cream. (Pump accessories http://www.sexfunstore.com/pump-accessories-stiff-ready-kit-black.html Bdsm collar - Herringbone collar (Brown) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bdsm-collar-herringbone-collar-brown.html Designed for the discriminating female, this fabulous leather collar features a herringbone accent with a central D-ring and brass buckle closure. This top-quality leather piece is outlined in expert stitching, adding a durable and stylish element to the collar, while the black suede backing ensures total comfort and support for your neck. The front of the collar includes two portions of herringbone-styled leather with two different colors of solid leather alternating toward the center. At the center a metal D-ring makes attachment to a leash or other restraint easily possible while the brass buckle allows you to maximize the perfect fit. (Bdsm collars http://www.sexfunstore.com/bdsm-collar-herringbone-collar-brown.html Paddle - Heart paddle (White / Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/paddle-heart-paddle-white-pink.html Exclusively from WhipSmart, the love paddle is a fantastic addition to any toy box. The Heart Paddle is made out of white leather and has sensuously soft fake fur on one side of the paddle, so you can decide whether you want a stinging love tap or a deliciously soft one. This paddle is very lightweight as well, but you need not worry that it won't deliver a spanking. It most definitely will. The color choices for these paddles are definitely top notch as well, they come in either Red and White or Pink and White. Each of which is a fabulous color combination. (Paddle http://www.sexfunstore.com/paddle-heart-paddle-white-pink.html Lubricant - Wet comfort (4.5 fl.oz.) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-wet-comfort-45-floz.html The perfect choice for those with sensitive skin, Wet Comfort is a great addition to any intimate activity to provide smooth glide. Water-based, it is odorless, and won't stain sheets or clothing. Safe for use with condoms, it is also compatible with all materials of adult toys, and washes off easily with warm water. A flip-top cap allows for easy use, even in the heat of the moment. In order to prevent leakage, the bottle should be stored upright. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-wet-comfort-45-floz.html Chemise And Panty Set - Stretchlace mesh chemise set (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-stretchlace-mesh-chemise-set-m.html This two-piece set is scintillating and sexy for a night of extraordinary fun and pleasure. The chemise top is set in a black strecthlace mesh, and features a lighthearted confetti pattern and a flared bottom. The adjustable shoulder straps come together in the back creating a V design. A matching g-string is also included. (Chemise And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-stretchlace-mesh-chemise-set-m.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Turquoise chiffon babydoll set (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-turquoise-chiffon-babydoll-set-m.html This angelic babydoll set will embrace your curves in all the right places. The sexy sheer bust is crafted of a beautiful floral lace with a scalloped trim. A satin bow centered with a pearl-like bead accents each shoulder strap which adjusts to your liking. The turquoise chiffon bodice is split into four separate tresses creating an open front, as well as an open back, and sides. The matching lace g-string has a cute bow in the front and a scalloped trim. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-turquoise-chiffon-babydoll-set-m.html Sex oil - Hot stuff oil (Raspberry) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-hot-stuff-oil-raspberry.html Flavored warming massage oil gets hot when you blow on it. Available in five different flavors: cherry, cinnamon, passion fruit, pina colada and raspberry. 6 fl oz. (Sex oil http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-hot-stuff-oil-raspberry.html Costume - Sexy French Maid teddy (Plus Size) http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-sexy-french-maid-teddy-plus-size.html This halter style French Maid teddy is the perfect seduction piece for your sexy rendezvous. The floral lace cups are underwired and have a satin rosette in between them. The bodice covers only the front, and has an hourglass shape to compliment your figure. Both the apron and g-string are attached, and have a floral lace trim. The back is completely open, and has an elastic strap for the bra, and another one for the g-string. (Costumes http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-sexy-french-maid-teddy-plus-size.html Vaginal ball - Smart balls (Silver-blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vaginal-ball-smart-balls-silver-blue.html Smart balls might at first appear like your average pair of ben wa balls, but on closer inspection you will see what makes them better. These weighted balls are coated in elastomed to help make them easier to clean and keep clean. This also makes them a good toy to use anally as well. (Vaginal balls http://www.sexfunstore.com/vaginal-ball-smart-balls-silver-blue.html G-Spot Vibrator - Waterproof puzzle G http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-waterproof-puzzle-g.html Puzzle purple 6 1/2" massager gives a possibility to create your own designed sex toy. It has 4 interchangeable rings and 2 heads to be arranged in any range of size for your rhythmic pleasure. A Slender Probe Tip as well as a G-Spot Tip easily twists off to rearrange the rings. Super strong vibrator located at the tip causes sensations. The thick part is 1 ", the thin part is 3/4". The Waterproof Puzzle G has a powerful multi-speed control. Uses 2 AAA sized batteries, not included. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-waterproof-puzzle-g.html G-Spot Vibrator - G-twist (Orange) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-twist-orange.html This vibrator is great for advanced users who prefer longer and thicker shaft and lots of texture. - The tip is curved for G-spot stimulation and adorned with small round nubs. - The tip rotates in two directions making small massaging circles. - The toy produces 2-speed vibrations, one of low intensity and another of medium. - Each function has independent control buttons. - Velvety soft silicone TPR is odorless and phthalate free. - Easy load battery compartment take 4 AAA batteries. - The vibrator is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bathtub. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-g-twist-orange.html Vibrator - True love Amore (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-true-love-amore-purple.html (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-true-love-amore-purple.html Bra And Skirted Panty Set - Turquoise bralette with skirtini (XL) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-skirted-panty-set-turquoise-bralette-with-skirtini-xl.html This flirty sheer set is the perfect addition to your lingerie collection. Slip it on for that special moment, or for any day of the week. The turquoise mesh bralette has soft elastic bands, and ruffle trimmed cups with a bow in the center. The matching skirtini has a ruffled trim on the waistline, and an attached g-string. (Bra And Skirted Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-skirted-panty-set-turquoise-bralette-with-skirtini-xl.html Glass G-Spot Shaft - G-spot twister (Green) http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-g-spot-twister-green.html A 7" long by 1" diameter uniquely textured solid G-Spot style shaft. The stock Pyrex rod is produced at the factory with the ribbed texture, its not formed afterwards, as you will find with other manufacturers. The result is a very smooth even ribbed texture throughout the length of the shaft. We then heat the rod and twist it to create the spiral, the ribbed texture runs the length of the shaft and comes to a smooth rounded head. The base is flattened and flared and designed to stand up. We have five variations to choose from: clear from base to tip, multi-colored Lattachino, 24 karat gold fumed, navy blue and teal. (Glass G-Spot Shaft http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-g-spot-twister-green.html Vibrator - Shower pal daring probe http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-shower-pal-daring-probe.html Simply designed yet intricately textured, this multi-speed vibrator is all about feel and friction, and the powerful vibrations don't hurt either. The shaft is covered in columns of large nubs that feel like no dick ever could, and the tip is rounded and emphasized, turn the multi-speed dial on the base for a rollercoaster ride that will rock your world, especially because of the soft and pliable yet firm jelly exterior. Finally, this Daring probe isn't called a Shower pal for nothing, make so sure you take advantage of it come bath time. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-shower-pal-daring-probe.html Vibrator - Kama diva nubby vibe http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-kama-diva-nubby-vibe.html (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-kama-diva-nubby-vibe.html Penis Pump - Doc Joc's incredible jack-off device http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-pump-doc-jocs-incredible-jack-off-device.html Doc Joc's incredible jack-off device is a remarkable advancement in the achievement of unsurpassed self-gratification. Slip into the luxurious textured sleeve. Turn on the vibration for increased stimulation and intensify your excitement with the passionate sucking action. (Penis Pump http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-pump-doc-jocs-incredible-jack-off-device.html Pocket rocket - Waterproof pleasure point (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/pocket-rocket-waterproof-pleasure-point-black.html Inside the velvety-textured plastic body of this petite baton-style massager is a powerful motor, ready to give you pleasure with four different functions. Vary your sensations by adding the pleasure beaded cap, or use it without for even stronger sensations. Just a press of the button on the base offers you three powerful pulsation options, as well as a vibrating function. The uncapped head features three round protrusions, while the cap itself is covered in small nubs for your enjoyment. Waterproof in design, simply twist the back cap on tightly and enjoy in the tub or shower as you relax. Phthalate free plastic material is used for the Waterproof Pleasure Point 4x for safe and healthy play. (Vibe Pocket Rocket http://www.sexfunstore.com/pocket-rocket-waterproof-pleasure-point-black.html Cock And Balls Device - Stretcher (1") http://www.sexfunstore.com/cock-and-balls-device-stretcher-1.html Get down to some serious bondage playing with the Stretcher by Spartacus. This exquisite cock and ball torture device has little to with actual torture, letting you manipulate your or your partner's package for the ultimate stud ride. Made out of high quality leather that give you a good firm but a very comfortable grip over your manhood, this accessory also features two pull straps to manipulate the weight applied to the package. (Cock And Balls Device http://www.sexfunstore.com/cock-and-balls-device-stretcher-1.html Lubricant - Climax lube http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-climax-lube.html Water based is super soft, water soluble, greaseless, colorless, odorless and non-toxic. It won't stain or harm fabric, plastics, or rubber. An easy way to keep the slippery thrills coming. Lubricant made by the makers of CyberSkin. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-climax-lube.html Personal massager - Waterproof power curve junior http://www.sexfunstore.com/personal-massager-waterproof-power-curve-junior.html Get a great tease in a small package with the Waterproof power curve junior by California Exotic. This 2 1/4" long mini massager is made out of metal and has a special wavy texture to maximize stimulation when the toy gets inside you. Plus, the slightly curved tip makes it a great tool for g-spot stimulation. You can take the massager to bath or shower with you, because it is completely waterproof. Cell batteries included. (Personal massagers http://www.sexfunstore.com/personal-massager-waterproof-power-curve-junior.html Bra, Panty And Skirt Set - Flocked heart mesh set (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-skirt-set-flocked-heart-mesh-set-m.html This three-piece bra and panty set adds a playful twist to your erotic night. Made with a flocked heart mesh, the bra top features lined underwire cups that are split in half with a sheer ruffle across the top. Adjustable shoulder straps and hook-and-eye closures add support and comfort, while the coquette lips sit lovingly in the center of the chest. The sheer skirt is made with the same flocked heart mesh and hangs to just below the crotch, covering the matching g-string. The skirt is further accented by a sheer pink and black ruffle trim that extends around the bottom of the piece. (Bra, Panty And Skirt Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-skirt-set-flocked-heart-mesh-set-m.html Crop - Riding crop http://www.sexfunstore.com/crop-riding-crop.html More than just a toy, the Riding crop by Spartacus is a whole style contained in one accessory. Made out of firm rubber to deliver great spanking sensations to the receiver, this item is exquisitely shaped to become a true symbol of style in experienced hands. A good firm handle that gives a great grip and a special tapered tip that delivers precise and powerful blows right where it's needed. Enjoy your ride and make your pet behave! (Crop http://www.sexfunstore.com/crop-riding-crop.html Vibrator - Vivid's swirl marble vibrator (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-vivids-swirl-marble-vibrator-red.html Vivid's swirl marble vibrators are multi-speed powerful vibrators, yet compact and discreet. Made of seamless plastic and in funky colors they are very attractive and easy to handle. Total length is 6 inches with approximately 5.5 inches insertable. Use 1 AA battery (not included). (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-vivids-swirl-marble-vibrator-red.html Sex oil - Pheromones massage oil (ginger-lime) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-pheromones-massage-oil-ginger-lime.html The essence of nature in an aromatic sensual massage oil. Formulated with pheromones to increase sex appeal. (Sex oil http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-pheromones-massage-oil-ginger-lime.html Vibrator - Waterproof turbo sliders Purple probe http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-waterproof-turbo-sliders-purple-probe.html These massagers from California Exotics are designed with exquisite detail. Made out of hard plastic, the vibrations they deliver are very powerful without being too overwhelming. The vibrator motor is nestled in the head of each of them for more targeted stimulation where it is applied. The vibrations also course up and down the length of the shaft for a sublime experience. These slimline toys are also excellent choices for beginners who do not want a toy that has a lot of girth or length. The Purple Probe has a small, round ball on the head with 3 "rings" below it, which is ideal for stimulating the most sensitive part of your vagina, the first 1/3 of the opening which has the most sensitive nerve endings. The shaft narrows down a bit after the rings, and then flares back out towards the bottom, where it has it's own fantastic textural details. Two sides have ridges and contours designed for exquisite pleasure. The tip of this one is perfect for clitoral stimulation too. The controls are extremely easy to use, these multispeed vibrators have a turn dial control on the lid for the battery compartment. You simply turn it clockwise to turn it on and speed things up. And because they're waterproof, you can take your Turbo Slider anywhere you like, whether its in the bedroom or bathtub, on dry land or in the drink. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-waterproof-turbo-sliders-purple-probe.html Bustier - Brocade bustier with buttons (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-brocade-bustier-with-buttons-l.html This bustier is very sexy and alluring. With a sweetheart neckline, boning, hook and eye closure and a decorative trim, you and your partner are sure to love it. (Bustier http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-brocade-bustier-with-buttons-l.html Butt plug - Crystal's jelly - b vibe http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-crystals-jelly-b-vibe.html Get down to some backdoor fun with the Crystal's jelly - b vibe by California Exotics. The 4" long butt plug is made out of jelly and has a special swirl texture that aids to easy insertion and sensuous anal stimulation. The flared base doesn't allow the toy to get too deep inside, while the power unit gives you full control over the speed of vibration. Insert 2 AA batteries and enjoy long hours of anal excitement. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-crystals-jelly-b-vibe.html Costume - Police costume (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-police-costume-l.html Seduce your partner with this hot Police Costume which is perfect for role playing. This sexy top has a front zipper to be worn as low as you'd like, with the authoritative LAPD letters on the back. An elastic waistband with a zipper closure gives this black mini skirt a better fit. Also included are the handcuffs, hat, baton, and belt. (Costumes http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-police-costume-l.html Sex Game - Tantric lovers game http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-game-tantric-lovers-game.html "Tantra is an ancient practice focusing on the art of lovemaking, blending the flow of Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy for a profound mind, body and spirit connection," and the Tantric lovers game is a great way to experience that sensual connection while having fun at the same time. Yet another way to enhance your love life from prominent sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell, this couples' game stresses using your entire body and all your senses through activities like breathing and movement to achieve maximum pleasure during sex. An example that Dr. Ava goes into detail about in the manual is the tantric full body kiss, and I know you wanna find out more about that one. This game kit includes: 1. Two-sided game board 2. Instructional booklet 3. Two-sided playing pieces 4. Raspberry champagne edible lubricant 5. Hourglass game timer 6. Die And there are many other regular household items you can use in conjunction with these for a better experience. Dr. Ava goes into that in the included booklet as well as a list of ten guidelines (e.g. "be willing to explore new sexual territory") to open up your horizons. An example of this sexual terra incognita is the seven chakras, or body energies, that the instructional booklet will teach you and your partner to benefit from. So whether you could use a little excitement in the bedroom or are looking to experience sex as you've never had it before, this fun yet adventurous game will bring you two closer together. (Sex Games http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-game-tantric-lovers-game.html Vibrator - Silicone spinner (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-silicone-spinner-pink.html The Silicone Spinner may just become your new best friend for sensual fun. With a very simple design, yet high tech features, this toy will rock your world. Made out of silicone, this toy is hygienically superior to other vibes because of the non-porous surface of the silicone. This leaves no places for germs and bacteria to hide out and makes it easy to clean and keep clean. The Silicone Spinner not only vibrates, but it also features a rotating head and beads which spin to help bring you to your big O destination by providing extra clitoral stimulation. And the head is textured as well to help provide even more stimulation. The controls on this vibe are simple to use as well, just one little button is all you need to push to turn it on and then turn it up to high speed and then off again. It couldn't get any easier, unless you have someone else pushing that button for you of course. You will be able to enjoy your Silicone Spinner in the water and on dry land as well as it is waterproof, making it perfect for all your naughty play. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-silicone-spinner-pink.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Lycra babydoll set with mesh overlay http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-lycra-babydoll-set-with-mesh-overlay.html This flirty two piece set is sure to please with an open slit on the front as well as the back. Fuchsia triangle cups are made of lycra with a black mesh overlay and a lace trim. The microfiber bustline features a satin ribbon bow in the center adorned with Coquette's signature Lips charm. The included g-string has matching lace with ruffled mesh trim. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-lycra-babydoll-set-with-mesh-overlay.html Camisole set - Flamingo cami with g-string (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-flamingo-cami-with-g-string-s.html This exotic cami set brings a new style to your lingerie collection. The hot pink mesh material is soft against your skin, and has a black satin bow in the center of the bustline. The hem features a hot pink marabou trim with black accent feathers. The included g-string is sheer, and has a satin bow in front, accented by two marabou balls at the ends. (Camisole set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-flamingo-cami-with-g-string-s.html Rabbit Vibrator - Sally seal (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-sally-seal-blue.html Highest quality silicone toys from Europe's leading manufacturer! The rotating vibrators are pure pleasure. While the powerful rotations of the pearl-filled silicone body pamper you vaginally, the vibrations of the external element provide you with on-target clitoral stimulation. Rotation speed and vibration level are adjustable. Sally Seal is non-toxic, odorless, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and easy to clean. It has two separate powerful, yet very quiet motors. Total length is 9" with almost 5" insertable. The clitoral stimulator is 2 1/2" long. Operates with 4 AA batteries, not included. Using a lubricant will only add to the pleasurable feeling. (Rabbit Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-sally-seal-blue.html Chemise And Panty Set - Turquoise mesh chemise and g-string (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-turquoise-mesh-chemise-and-g-string-l.html Be sexy in this playful chemise set by Fantasy Lingerie. Made entirely of sheer mesh, this turquoise chemise shows just enough skin to entice your partner. The triangle cups have a ruffle trim with a bow in between them. The bodice has a flared bottom, and features ruffle detail throughout. Includes a matching sheer thong. (Chemise And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-turquoise-mesh-chemise-and-g-string-l.html Something Blue heart pasties (AB) http://www.sexfunstore.com/something-blue-heart-pasties-ab.html Show only what you feel with the help of these sexy little pasties. Whether you're looking for just a little coverage, or just don't want to wear a bra, these are comfortable to wear and stay on even in the water. The soft material provides a smooth and flexible fit, while the sequin and satin add a unique sense of style. They have a hypoallergenic medical adhesive, and come in two different sizes. Protective nipple pads are also included http://www.sexfunstore.com/something-blue-heart-pasties-ab.html Bullet Vibrator - Lexi's short blitz bullet http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-lexis-short-blitz-bullet.html Lexie's Long Blitz Bullet is part of the new line of Vivid Toys from Doc Johnson. These bullets come in 3 wonderful shapes and lengths that put a new spin on a classic toy. Lexie's Long Blitz Bullet features 2 1/4" long bullet that is tapered and ribbed. The contouring of the bullet creates an excellent surface to help bring you into ecstasy. The ribbing provides varied stimulation for your clitoris and for penetration. The length of this bullet makes it suitable primarily for external stimulation. The vibrations on this toy are quite nice, but will not be too much for a beginner toy user. The controller on this toy is extremely easy to use and is very comfortable to hold. The ergonomic design of the controller aides in providing a comfortable grip for you. There is merely a spin dial on the front of the controller that you use to turn your toy on and amp up the speed. Simply turn it counterclockwise to get things started. (Bullet Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-lexis-short-blitz-bullet.html G-Spot Vibrator - Mr.Softee pastels g-spot (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-mrsoftee-pastels-g-spot-blue.html Soft on the eyes and the skin, the Mr. Softee g-spot multispeed vibrator doesn't need any fancy functions to bring you to a perfect orgasm every time, because it knows it's just that good! The vibration is controlled via a rotating dial at its base so you can find your individual ideal setting. The seven inch shaft is covered in a soft and ribbed rubber sleeve and has an extended G-spot curve that is sure to send you into sensual ecstasy. Only be aware that the Mr. Softee G-spot vibrator is a little noisy at its highest setting and does not have an immediate on and off switch, so its not the most discrete of toys although it more than makes up for it with its "strong" work ethic. If you're on the go, be sure to take the batteries out after use so it doesn't turn on accidentally during that big board meeting. Discreteness issues aside, this is one powerful toy, so be sure to bring it on your next date and maybe you won't have to lie to your lover when you tell them you had the time of your life. Requires two C batteries (not included). (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-mrsoftee-pastels-g-spot-blue.html Whip - Medium rubber whip (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/whip-medium-rubber-whip-red.html 14" of pleasure. Grab a rubber whip and let the strands dangle over your partner's body. (Whip http://www.sexfunstore.com/whip-medium-rubber-whip-red.html Masturbator - Tenga flip hole http://www.sexfunstore.com/masturbator-tenga-flip-hole.html New creation from genius minds of Japanese toy engineers, Tenga flip hole allows you enjoying it over and over again keeping it clean easily. - Suction chambers, soft ridges and nubs inside bring you the best experience ever. - The toy consists of two halves that open for the thorough cleaning inside the toy. The first masturbator ever that makes cleaning a breeze. - The material is sensually soft TPR Silicone, free of dangerous compounds. - Included find 3 containers with lubricants and instruction booklet. (Masturbator http://www.sexfunstore.com/masturbator-tenga-flip-hole.html LAYAspot (Vanilla-baby blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/layaspot-vanilla-baby-blue.html Sweet, simple, and what may just be a perfect clitoral vibrator, the Layaspot is ideal for women that prefer gentle external stimulation as an accent to foreplay or during sensual solo sessions. Crafted in Germany, this toy stands apart from others, thanks to high quality design and ease of use. The petite 4" long body is crafted of plastic and hygienic body-friendly elastomed, these materials make the Layaspot both easy to clean and waterproof. The soft raised + and buttons control on and off functions respectively, hold the + key to seamlessly glide through eight levels of vibration intensity, pressing it again lets you select from three pulsation functions. Ergonomically shaped, this toy is as comfortable in your hand as against your body. Quiet in operation, it makes an excellent companion in the bath, just remember to take out the batteries and let it air dry afterwards. The Layaspot is ergonomically shaped and as comfortable in your hand as against your body. Available in your choice of a palette of beautiful colors, it will soon become your new favorite sensual toy http://www.sexfunstore.com/layaspot-vanilla-baby-blue.html Costume - Yellow soda pop girl costume (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-yellow-soda-pop-girl-costume-m.html The Yellow Soda Pop girl costume includes an exciting yellow 3/4 length sleeve belted mini dress that comes with a matching headband. It has an ultra modern look to it, and is ultra sexy as well. It's perfect for people who love the 60s and 70s. Made out of 100% polyester Shoes not included (Costumes http://www.sexfunstore.com/costume-yellow-soda-pop-girl-costume-m.html Penis ring - Rings of Fire flare http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-rings-of-fire-flare.html If you're getting ready for a hot and heavy night try out this fantastic texturized penis ring. Made of soft and supple rubber, this ring features a series of raised prongs on the front of the ring and a large clitoral attachment for added stimulation. The attachment is covered in small nubs for a subtle, but powerful teasing, and the large central abutment applies direct pressure to the clitoris for intense massage. Enjoy long-lasting erections and prolonged ejaculation while providing pleasure for both you and your partner. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-rings-of-fire-flare.html Rabbit Vibrator - Lady bug vibe - jelly http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-lady-bug-vibe-jelly.html Jelly multi-speed multi-function clitoral stimulating vibe with swirling vibration and textured polka dots on shaft. 9 inch overall length with 5 inches insertable to the 2 1/2 inch clit stimulator. 1 inch wide with a circumference of 3 1/2 inches. 3AA batteries (Rabbit Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/rabbit-vibrator-lady-bug-vibe-jelly.html Egg vibrator - Remote control egg http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-remote-control-egg.html Put some high tech and romance to your sensuous play with the Remote control egg by California Exotic. The 3" long plastic egg is very effective in pleasing you right in those special spots. But what makes this toy great, is the exclusive remote control with a built-in microprocessor that allows you to control the vibe up to 30 feet away. So you can play with your partners even in public places. Batteries are included. (Egg vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-remote-control-egg.html Vibrator - Beginner's collection http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-beginners-collection.html The perfect kit for the burgeoning sex toy user, this collection of designer essential pieces will help you to explore new ways to achieve maximum pleasure with all your erogenous zones. The kit includes a set of beginner's instruction cards, a waterproof mini-massager, a vibrating finger sleeve, and a Do Not Disturb sign. Both of the vibrating toys are made of hygienically superior silicone to ensure safe and healthy play as well as smooth and soft sensations no matter where you use them. The waterproof mini-massager features a rounded ball head that tapers gently into a thin neck than back out into a straight shaft. Opposite sides of the shaft and head have raised nubs for further stimulation and the multi-speed vibrations are controlled by a ridged knob-dial at the base. The finger sleeve is also nubbed on the palm side, and curved slightly at the tip for ergonomic usage. A vibrating micro-bullet sits snugly in a compartment above the finger portion and is connect to a handheld remote control via a generous length of cord. The remote control features a rotary dial to increase or decreased the vibrations. A set of instruction cards with tips and suggestions to begin your sexual journey are included, as well as a Do Not Disturb sign to prevent any distractions during your newly acquired education. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-beginners-collection.html Bra And Panty Set - Athena lace bralette set (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-athena-lace-bralette-set-l.html Be playful and comfortable with this bra set from Fantasy Lingerie. Made out of stretchy lace nylon held up with two straps and flared at the bottom, this bralette will support you while adding a little fun. The sheer lace shows just enough to get anyone excited, but still covering enough to make them want more. This cute set also includes matching boy shorts that will hug your curves and make any night a spectacular one. (Bra And Panty Sets http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-athena-lace-bralette-set-l.html Butt plug - Jolly jack (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-jolly-jack-red.html It's never too early to feel good and jolly and thanks to this lovely ribbed anal plug from the wonderful Happy Valley, you can enjoy that feeling all the time. Made of hypoallergenic and latex-free silicone, this high quality piece is incredibly safe and healthy for your body while also being soft and smooth for ideal insertion and penetration. However, don't let the softness distract you, because this piece retains a solid rigidity with its flexible nature, ensuring complete comfort and support during all your backdoor encounters. The plug begins with a rounded-ball tip that tapers into a shallow ridge and two more beaded accents that graduate in size from the top to the bottom. These balls are ideal for anal stimulation whether you thrust or just let it sit and induce surreal pleasure. From there, the piece connects to a wide flared base that ensures even more safety and increases your mobility and control during play. As well, the base makes this plug harness compatible if you want to explore different paths to enjoyment. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-jolly-jack-red.html Penis sleeve - Beaded penis sleeve (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-sleeve-beaded-penis-sleeve-purple.html Super-stretchy silicone sleeve with pleasure beads in shaft with arousal points for ultimate stimulation. (Penis sleeve http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-sleeve-beaded-penis-sleeve-purple.html Lubricant - O'my flavor (Melon) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-omy-flavor-melon.html Looking for something new to tantalize your partner's taste buds? O'My Flavored Lubricants adds a succulent new twist to your sex play. Now couples have one more reason to tuck in for a midnight snack with our tasty low-cal flavors. You'll find all the same natural ingredients in the flavored lubricants as in the original water-based formula, with the addition of luscious natural flavors. No artificial flavor, or color (with the exception of Cappuccino) - just good clean yummy fun. O'My Flavors' sugar-free formula can be used for massage and intercourse. - Preferred by women - Low-cal - Sexy discrete bottle - Convenient easy lock pump - Bursting with real natural flavor - Natural formula contributes to better sexual health - Paraben-free (parabens can cause skin irritation) - Ideal for women with skin or sugar sensitivities - Shatterproof bottle can be stored anywhere - Latex-compatible & Water-based - No color added makes our flavors bed-sheet friendly* (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-omy-flavor-melon.html Corset - Fetish pink PVC corset (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-fetish-pink-pvc-corset-l.html This sexy Wet Look corset features soft cups that are each adorned with a satin bow, and a ruffle trim which extends to the adjustable shoulder straps. There is boning on the front, the sides, and the back for that sensual hour glass figure. The front has a hook and eye closure, while the back is satin ribbon lace-up. The pictured shorts and thigh highs are not included. (Corset http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-fetish-pink-pvc-corset-l.html Peek A Boo Bustier, Panty And Garters Set - Lace up cups bustier and g-string (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/peek-a-boo-bustier-panty-and-garters-set-lace-up-cups-bustier-and-g-string-l.html This opaque bustier is a highly sensual addition to your lingerie collection. Made out of lycra, it features a contrasting trim and the cups, which are underwired have a peek a boo lace up detailing on them for an extra tease. Comes with a matching g-string. (Peek A Boo Bustier, Panty And Garters Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/peek-a-boo-bustier-panty-and-garters-set-lace-up-cups-bustier-and-g-string-l.html Bustier And Panty Set - Lace up bustier set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-lace-up-bustier-set.html This sexy Bustier gives your partner subtle peeks at your flesh while helping to shape and mold you. It features two unboned panels in the front which are joined together by a lace bralet insert and also laces up to connect it fully with the back of the bustier, which is boned. Also included is a matching G-String. Shoes not included. (Bustier And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bustier-and-panty-set-lace-up-bustier-set.html Penis ring - Reckless rabbit ms http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-reckless-rabbit-ms.html Expand the variety of pleasant sensations during sex with the Reckless rabbit ms from California Exotic. This cool new toy is made out of stretchable rubber, and has a very effective shape for stimulating the clitoris and perineum simultaneously during the intercourse. The toy is fitted on the man's penis like a cock-ring and delivers the same effects of prolonged erection as the more traditional models. Besides all that, the Reckless rabbit features a powerful vibrating function that is controlled by a separate unit which allows you to set the desired speed of both your and your partner's stimulation. Have fun! (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-reckless-rabbit-ms.html Penis ring - Playgirl signature pleasure ring (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-playgirl-signature-pleasure-ring-black.html Bring out your bad boy side with this signature vibrating penis ring from Playgirl. This subtle ring features powerful vibrations and a super stretch ring for increased stimulation and greater stamina as you play. The top bullet-shaped portion uses a simple dial control to turn the vibrations on and off, while also including a nubbed portion along the front for direct clitoral stimulation. The ring itself can stretch accommodate most shaft sizes and also features raised nubs along the edge for even more tickling and teasing as you share an intimate moment. As well, the waterproof construction means you can enjoy long-lasting erections and prolonged ejaculation in any wet environment. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-playgirl-signature-pleasure-ring-black.html Chemise And Panty Set - Pinstripe chemise and thong (1X / 2X) http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-pinstripe-chemise-and-thong-1x-2x.html Act out your favorite naughty secretary fantasies with this sexy little pinstriped number. Smooth and stretchy, it will accent your curves with a touch of lace in all the right places. Black lace cups and coordinating trim give a flirty touch to a slimming striped pattern. Satiny straps and a tiny black rhinestone-accented bow in the center of the top add some spice. Slip into the matching lacy pinstripe thong to complete the ensemble, and enjoy all the extra attention you're sure to receive. (Chemise And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-pinstripe-chemise-and-thong-1x-2x.html Corset And Panty Set - Sexy satin corset and g-string (XL) http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-and-panty-set-sexy-satin-corset-and-g-string-xl.html This enticing set from Coquette is the perfect ensemble to seduce your partner. The fuchsia satin corset features a ribbon and black lace detail, with a ruffled mesh trim. There is boning throughout with a front busk closure, and a satin ribbon lace-up back. A matching g-string is also included. (Corset And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-and-panty-set-sexy-satin-corset-and-g-string-xl.html Wrist Cuff - Suspension cuffs http://www.sexfunstore.com/wrist-cuff-suspension-cuffs.html Clasp these comfortable buckle-fastened cuffs onto a spreader bar or small hook and let the fun begin. The cuffs are genuine leather with soft faux fur lining inside that won't cut off circulation or irritate your skin, as they are adjustable in size. Perfect for those bondage fantasies you've always dreamt about. Perhaps you'd like to tie your partner up, blindfold them and tease them with a vibrator. Both the novice and the advanced roleplayer will love using these. (Wrist cuffs http://www.sexfunstore.com/wrist-cuff-suspension-cuffs.html Dildo - Smooth tool (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-smooth-tool-blue.html If there's one tool missing from your collection, it's this finely crafted dildo from the Radiant Gems series by Doc Johnson. Resembling a giant nail, this piece begins with a smooth conical head that tapers outward from a small pointed top into the shaft. With no neck or ribbing, the elongated head will ease in gently upon insertion, offering comfortable and graceful penetration. The smooth shaft is delightfully thick and soft, providing ample flexibility while retaining its strength and durability for intense stimulation that is both comfortable and easy to use. The double ridged base ensures safety, but also acts as a handle for greater control and grip during your intimate sessions. The fantastic SilaGel formula makes this piece non-toxic, antibacterial, and devoid of latex or cadmium. Softly scented and magnificently colored with a vibrancy and radiance beyond the normal dildo. (Dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/dildo-smooth-tool-blue.html Massager - Mini mini mouse (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-mini-mini-mouse-purple.html Don't be fooled by its stature. It's a lion in a mouse clothing. Place the mini mini mouse on your hot button and use the multi-speed remote for big time pleasure. Go ahead. Hop to it. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. (Massager http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-mini-mini-mouse-purple.html Thigh highs - Backseam fishnet thigh highs http://www.sexfunstore.com/thigh-highs-backseam-fishnet-thigh-highs.html Sexy and alluring, these fishnets are top notch. They also feature a leg lengthening backseam. Made out of nylon (Thigh highs http://www.sexfunstore.com/thigh-highs-backseam-fishnet-thigh-highs.html Bra, Panty And Skirt Set - Satin wrap bra set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-skirt-set-satin-wrap-bra-set-s.html Slip on this sheer ensemble for a night to remember. The black sexy top features chiffon cups trimmed with small scalloped lace, and satin ribbon to wrap around your body. The comfortable shoulder straps are adjustable for a secure fit. The soft chiffon skirt has an elastic waistline on the back, and satin ribbon on the front. There is a slit on the side with Chinoiserie appliqu closure, and comes with matching thong. (Bra, Panty And Skirt Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-panty-and-skirt-set-satin-wrap-bra-set-s.html Camisole set - Tulip lace camisole (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-tulip-lace-camisole-s.html This beautiful camisole top is constructed with a tulip lace mesh design that reveals just enough to set the mood. The center of the chest is adorned with a single, long hanging ribbon that creates an eye-catching focus, while the edges are adorned with lace trimming around the bust and underarm. The bottom is finished with a sheer draping split in four places, the middle front, middle back, and side seams, with the sides extending a little over the hips then the rest of the flounce. Adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit, and the matching g-string completes the set. (Camisole set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-tulip-lace-camisole-s.html G-Spot Vibrator - Unicorn http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-unicorn.html (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-unicorn.html Camigarter, Panty And Stockings Set - Dotted Diva cami garter set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camigarter-panty-and-stockings-set-dotted-diva-cami-garter-set-s.html This sultry set is one to please for that special night. The bustless cups are underwired and each have a satin ribbon detail. A dotted design accents this sheer mesh cami which comes with removable garters. The matching g-string has double straps and a satin bow in the back. This cami also comes with a pair of thigh highs. (Camigarter, Panty And Stockings Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camigarter-panty-and-stockings-set-dotted-diva-cami-garter-set-s.html Bra And Panty Set - Lace-up bra and panty (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-lace-up-bra-and-panty-s.html This sexy two-piece bra and panty set from Leg Avenue features an underwire cup bra and adjustable straps for added support and comfort. The straps are also adorned with two small ribbons. The cups use a lace-up ribbon closure over the breasts, exposing the breast and possibly nipple, for some extra delight during your intimate encounters. The matching panty is cut high over the hip and has a small ribbon adornment on the waistband over the crotch. (Bra And Panty Sets http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-lace-up-bra-and-panty-s.html Cream - Cleopatra's secret (Strawberry) http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-cleopatras-secret-strawberry.html The anticipation of pleasure is, in itself, one of the greatest pleasures available to a woman. Cleopatra's secret will help her to enhance and prolong orgasmic pleasure. Specially designed for clitoral excitement. Arousal for her... A tasty foreplay experience! Available in 1 oz.net wt. jars. (Cream http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-cleopatras-secret-strawberry.html Vibrator - Silicone fun vibes wave http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-silicone-fun-vibes-wave.html A sexy twist on the traditional vibrator, the Silicone Fun Vibes Wave features pliable and soft material and stimulating raised texture for maximum pleasure. A softly rounded tip allows for easy insertion, while spirals of raised droplet designs swirl down the shaft. The vibrations are concentrated in the tip, and are easily adjusted up or down with a twist of the base. This toy is waterproof for worry-free play in the bath, shower, or hot tub, and features special slip-resistant designs in the cap for easy adjustment even when wet. The Silicone Fun Vibes Wave should be cleaned with soap and water after each use, and batteries should be removed before storage to prolong the life of the toy. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-silicone-fun-vibes-wave.html Vibrator - Dial-a-dream #25 (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-dial-a-dream-25-pink.html No, you won't need a phone, but you can certainly dial-up a pleasurable experience with this silicone vibrator from Doc Johnson. Soft and remarkably smooth, this wonderful vibrator is made out of hygienically superior silicone, so you can be sure of safe and reliable use every time. Waterproof construction makes fun in any wet location no problem, while the flexible shaft ensures a comfortable and easy-to-maneuver fit. The all new dial control features ergonomically designed nubs for simple, one-finger turning action to power up the multi-speed vibrations. The shaft itself is designed with shallow ripples along the sides (or top and bottom, depending on how you hold it) that act as waves of alternating stimulation as the thickness of the shaft increases from the head to the base. Virtually silent, this piece stays quiet even at the highest setting, assuring you a discreet and intimate play time. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-dial-a-dream-25-pink.html Glass dildo - Thin nomad staright shaft (1 1/4") http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-dildo-thin-nomad-staright-shaft-1-1-4.html The perfect 'beginner toy'. A 7 inches long 'traditional straight shaft design'. It's a clear silky smooth SOLID Pyrex shaft with a rounded head. Slicker than traditional materials. Lubes last longer because it is non-porous. (Glass dildo http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-dildo-thin-nomad-staright-shaft-1-1-4.html Body Paint - Sensuous chocolate body paint (Chocolate / Raspberry) http://www.sexfunstore.com/body-paint-sensuous-chocolate-body-paint-chocolate-raspberry.html Delicious and playful, these chocolate body paints will prep your sexual palette for a night of passion. Designed to take fingerpainting to new levels of expression, the tasty flavors will turn your lover into an edible canvas. The generous 1 " glass jar will last a few sessions, depending on how much you use. When finished, simply refrigerate any unused portion for your next artistic inspiration. Gourmet flavors are made with organic ingridients and will satisfy your sweet tooth without chemical or preservative aftertastes. Try all three for a delectable evening. (Body Paint http://www.sexfunstore.com/body-paint-sensuous-chocolate-body-paint-chocolate-raspberry.html Vibrator - Conqueror (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-conqueror-pink.html (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-conqueror-pink.html Sex Game - Erotic roulette http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-game-erotic-roulette.html Take turns spinning the wheel. Depending on where the marble lands, draw the corresponding card. If it lands on red, the woman must draw the card. If it lands on a black space, the man must draw the card. Either player can draw if it lands on green. Do not show the card to the other player. Have fun acting out the instructions on the card. Remember there are no points and no time limits! Play as long as you like or until your desires are fulfilled. Game contains 1 miniature roulette wheel, 18 red romance cards, 18 black romance cards, 1 green couples card and 2 roulette marbles. (Sex Games http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-game-erotic-roulette.html Sex oil - JO bath oil (Lavender) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-jo-bath-oil-lavender.html Bathing with JO is more than just a bath. Depending on your choice, System JO therapeutic bath oils can help you face the rigors of the day or relax afterwards. So energize your sole, pamper yourself and enhance your intimate moments with System JO bath therapy. System JO bath therapy will tingle your senses leaving you invigorated and recharged, with a fresh, clean scent and a zest for life. (Sex oil http://www.sexfunstore.com/sex-oil-jo-bath-oil-lavender.html Sexy panty - Silk thong with satin bow http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-panty-silk-thong-with-satin-bow.html This silk thong is an excellent addition to anyones lingerie collection. Made out of a sheer silk, this low rise thong features a fully adjustable satin ribbon tie back http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-panty-silk-thong-with-satin-bow.html Chemise And Panty Set - Satin chemise http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-satin-chemise.html This charming satin chemise features an underwired demi-cup bra accented with pink, white, and purple bows. The straps are satin and adjustable for a more comfortable fit. There are two slit hem details on the front adorned with matching bows. Comes with a pink satin thong. (Chemise And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/chemise-and-panty-set-satin-chemise.html Egg vibrator - Lucid Dream no. 5 (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-5-red.html This "wildly abstract" and "wickedly erotic" remote-controlled egg vibrator is perfect for intense stimulation of any erogenous zone. Incredibly soft and smooth jelly material encases the vibrator in an egg-shaped piece with a wonderfully contoured surface covered in swirled ribbing. This ribbing is a delightful sensation wherever you use it, and the powerful multi-speed vibrations only enhance the massaging experience. Handheld and easy-to-use, the egg is connected to a remote control via a generous length of cord to help prevent any tangles or problems, ensuring ample maneuverability during your playtime. The remote control features two push-button activators that direct the powerful multi-speed vibrations through four levels of intensity. Fantastic waterproof construction and virtually silent vibrations make this piece perfect for discreet wet and wild fun. (Egg vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-5-red.html Camisole set - Velvet forest cami and skirt (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-velvet-forest-cami-and-skirt-s.html This sexy velvet set from Fantasy Lingerie is an excellent choice for a fun night out. Made of 100% nylon, this stretchy top is soft on the inside and pretty velvet detail on the outside. A silver-toned ring connects the chiffon shoulder straps to the front, which swoops down into a cowl neck. The matching black skirt has an elastic waistband, and a 6 inch slit on the right side. (Camisole set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-velvet-forest-cami-and-skirt-s.html Mini dress - Lace up front dress http://www.sexfunstore.com/mini-dress-lace-up-front-dress.html This adorable mini dress can be worn as a sexy night gown or sexy lingerie for a special night. Made out of lycra infused nylon, the pink dress has black lace trim on the bustline and hem line. There's also black lace trim that runs vertically from just under the bust to the hemline on both sides. There is also black ribbon lacing up the middle between those two lace accents (Mini dress http://www.sexfunstore.com/mini-dress-lace-up-front-dress.html Vaginal ball - Jessica Drake's wicked balls (White / Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vaginal-ball-jessica-drakes-wicked-balls-white-black.html Soft, pliable, weighted balls with handy retrieval cord. (Vaginal balls http://www.sexfunstore.com/vaginal-ball-jessica-drakes-wicked-balls-white-black.html Corset - Brocade corset (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-brocade-corset-s.html This gorgeous white corset has a white woven floral pattern on the material with a white trim. The front closure is a busk, which makes it easier to put on and take off. All you need to do to get a perfectly customized fit is tighten the laces in the back. (Corset http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-brocade-corset-s.html Butt plug - Sassy bendi bubble (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-sassy-bendi-bubble-purple.html Sassy bendi bubble has bulbous tip and ridged surface for the gradual penetration. - The size is pretty moderate and will work for adventurous beginners as well. - The suction cup holds the toy firmly on the flat surface allowing user to sit on it. - The material is soft and flexible PVC. - Please wash this toy with warm water and soap prior to each use. As with all PVC toys we strongly recommend using a condom over it. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-sassy-bendi-bubble-purple.html Lubricant - Joy jelly (Peach) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-joy-jelly-peach.html Flavored all purpose lubricants are a water soluble, greaseless, and non-staining. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-joy-jelly-peach.html Cream - Proloonging cream http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-proloonging-cream.html Contains 7.5% benzocaine which acts as a desensitizing agent to help the man maintain and prolong his erection and help delay or prevent premature ejaculation. Odorless and tasteless. This product can also be more helpful when used along with a cockring. (Cream http://www.sexfunstore.com/cream-proloonging-cream.html Butt plug - Slim http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-slim.html (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-slim.html Bra And Panty Set - Loungerie bralette set (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-loungerie-bralette-set-s.html Made out of a touchable, sensual chiffon fabric, this bra top is a triangle style halter top with rhinestone accents that create the illusion of a sparkling, gorgeous necklace. Comes with a matching ruffled panty. (Bra And Panty Sets http://www.sexfunstore.com/bra-and-panty-set-loungerie-bralette-set-s.html Butt plug - Sassi bendi arrow butt plug (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-sassi-bendi-arrow-butt-plug-blue.html Your body moves in many different directions, shouldn't your sex toys move with you? The arrow is a brightly colored anal toy with a suction-cup base. The soft game piece shaped body tapers to a slender neck and very slightly bulged tip, making this a user-friendly toy that is great for beginners. The neck has an innovative flexing design that bends with your body during use for a more comfortable experience, while still maintaining enough rigidity to make insertion easy. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-sassi-bendi-arrow-butt-plug-blue.html Penis ring - Silicone island ring-glow http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-silicone-island-ring-glow.html Get to the islands of sexual delight with the Silicon island ring-glow by California Exotic. This set includes two cock-rings that are made out of super-stretchy silicone that allows you to fit the rings over your penis shaft. Cock rings give you better and more durable erections and help avoiding premature ejaculations. Both rings are uniquely textured to stimulate both you and your partner during the intercourse. And to make the toys even nastier, they have a special glow-in-the-dark feature so you can find your way even in the darkest hour. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-silicone-island-ring-glow.html Bullet Vibrator - Xtreme pack G-spot bullet http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-xtreme-pack-g-spot-bullet.html This bullet looks rather ordinary at first glance, but take a closer look and you will see that it is a fabulous new toy from California Exotic. They obviously took comfort and simplicity to heart when they designed this toy. The batter pack has textured pads that are comfortable to hold and help you to get a better grip on things. The functions are even easier to use than most standard bullets with the clearly labeled buttons and the simple on/off. No matter what function you are on, when you are done, just hit the button "off" and that's all. No more cycling through functions to reach off. The bullet is very soft to the touch thanks to the soft rubber cote, yet made out of hard plastic to deliver the most direct stimulation. (Bullet Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/bullet-vibrator-xtreme-pack-g-spot-bullet.html Crotchless bodystocking - V-back fishnet crotchless bodystocking (Plus Size) http://www.sexfunstore.com/crotchless-bodystocking-v-back-fishnet-crotchless-bodystocking-plus-size.html You'll be more than happy to get caught in this fishnet bodystocking. Soft, 100% nylon material will caress your body for a form-fitting delight that reveals all your assets wrapped in medium-gauge mesh. The solid black spaghetti straps provide support and a comfortable fit, while the low-slug back frames your upper body for a sexy delight. The crotch features a cut-out portion just above the thighs with a solid black trim covering anything that isn't mesh. (Crotchless bodystockings http://www.sexfunstore.com/crotchless-bodystocking-v-back-fishnet-crotchless-bodystocking-plus-size.html Lubricant - ID velvet (0.5 oz) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-id-velvet-05-oz.html ID Velvet's unique, super premium formula is extra long lasting, latex compatible and fragrance free. Never sticky or tacky, this velvety smooth lubricant also serves as a fantastic skin conditioner and moisturizer. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-id-velvet-05-oz.html Sensual Kit - Romantic gift set http://www.sexfunstore.com/sensual-kit-romantic-gift-set.html Express your love with a wonderful night of pleasure and sensuality with this romantic gift set from Lover's Choice. This set includes a warming heart massager, champagne flutes, silk rose petals, tealights, massage oil, and scrumptious milk chocolate hearts. The choice is yours as to how to use the kit, but here are some suggestions. Set the mood by lighting the tealights, placing them in the right location to bathe the room with the radiance of the flickering flames. Next, spread the silk rose petals all over the bed, floor, or even your partner, allowing the lovely material to caress the skin or heighten the ethereal atmosphere. The dual champagne flutes are the perfect choice for some nice cold bubbly, which you will have to provide yourself, so choose wisely. If you're ready to begin direct contact, the smooth massage oil will release tension, calm nerves, and relax your partner's muscles whether you use it alone or with the warming heart massager. Finally, use the milk chocolate hearts as an end treat, feeding them to each other, or eating them off the body. (Sensual Kit http://www.sexfunstore.com/sensual-kit-romantic-gift-set.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Angelic babydoll (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-angelic-babydoll-l.html Made out of a delicate lace with features a beautiful floral pattern on the chest and a soft and sensual chiffon, this babydoll will bring heavenly and lusty thoughts into your partners mind. The fly away style "skirt" of this babydoll is made out of the gorgeous chiffon material while the bust and matching g-string are made out of lace which also features an embroidered design. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-angelic-babydoll-l.html Teddy - Demi cup teddy (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/teddy-demi-cup-teddy-l.html Spice things up with this out of the ordinary demi cup teddy. The blue satin cups are lightly padded for extra lift, and have an underwire for added support. A satin ribbon bow accents the center of the bustline, which is embellished with a floral lace design just under the cups. The bodice is sheer mesh, and has a ruffled chiffon trim, with a three snap closure in the crotch. (Teddy http://www.sexfunstore.com/teddy-demi-cup-teddy-l.html Penis ring - Rabbit clitoral stimulator (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-rabbit-clitoral-stimulator-pink.html Designed to bring a thrilling climax to you and your lover. This small yet powerful vibrator sits comfortably around the penis while its "head" vibrates against your lover, taking you both to new sexual delights. You control the speed as this wittle wabbit goes to work. The stimulating pulses excite you and your lover simultaneously, bringing in the most exuberant orgasm possible. (Penis ring http://www.sexfunstore.com/penis-ring-rabbit-clitoral-stimulator-pink.html Massage glove - Fukuoku five finger massage glove http://www.sexfunstore.com/massage-glove-fukuoku-five-finger-massage-glove.html From the makers of numerous other fine products comes the world's first waterproof finger massage glove. This soft nylon glove features small vibrators in the tip of each finger that when turned on can reach speeds of approximately 45,000 vibrations per a minute. Designed for right hand use, the glove fits snuggly over most sized hands and includes an adjustable wrist strap for further comfort and support. The mini-vibrators are controlled by a large removable battery pack on the interior wrist-side of the glove, and with two incredible speeds of powerful vibration this glove is the "ultimate in total body stimulation." (Massage glove http://www.sexfunstore.com/massage-glove-fukuoku-five-finger-massage-glove.html Butt plug - Big Billy down (Silver) http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-big-billy-down-silver.html With an expertly crafted design and safety measures built right in, Big Billy will surely go down where you need it. Made of high quality silicone, this piece is completely hypoallergenic and latex free for safe rear stimulation every time, and the soft body offers comfortable penetration while retaining a solid rigidity for supportive use. The plug begins with a smooth, pointed-tip head, almost resembling a bullet, before tapering into a thick ridged shaft. The body is contoured with alternating ribs and shallow ridges for incredible backdoor stimulation whether you're thrusting or letting the plug sit still and fulfill your fantasies. From the shaft the piece descends into a short thick neck and wide flared base, ideal for safety as well as handling, ensuring greater mobility and control whether by hand or in a harness. (Butt plug http://www.sexfunstore.com/butt-plug-big-billy-down-silver.html Edible treats - Body frosting (Cherry) http://www.sexfunstore.com/edible-treats-body-frosting-cherry.html Presented in a petite glass jar, this delightfully sweet Body Frosting is tastefully packaged and ready to be enjoyed. One and a half ounces of chocolate bliss are ready to turn your lover into an edible canvas. Free of preservatives, simply close the container and place any unused portion in the refridgerator for your next sensual session. Intended to be used as a fingerpaint, Body Frosting does not come with a brush. (Edible treats http://www.sexfunstore.com/edible-treats-body-frosting-cherry.html Massager - Sophia's mystical dragon (Red) http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-sophias-mystical-dragon-red.html Let the triple flickering tongues on this dragon-shaped clitoral stimulator transport you to paradise. Raised detailing, a multiple-speed bullet motor, and soft material make this sex toy one to enjoy. Molded in pliable TPE material that warms quickly to body temperature, the asian-style dragon head features three protruding tongues. Move the dial on the control pack up or down and the tongues will begin flickering with the vibrations. Excellent for clitoral stimulation, Sophia's Mystical Dragon makes a great addition to foreplay and is equally enjoyable alone. For best results, wash with warm water and antibacterial soap before each use. Moderately quiet, this clitoral stimulator is still best used in situations where discretion isn't needed. (Massager http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-sophias-mystical-dragon-red.html Glass juicer - The love handle http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-juicer-the-love-handle.html The Love Handle is an interesting and very functional style whether you're using it with a partner or by yourself. It's a 7-inch X 1-inch diameter clear solid spiral wrapped Pyrex G-Spot shaft with a clear smooth straight 5-inch X 1-inch handle. The curved shaft is spiral wrapped with a 24-karat gold band that wraps its way around the shaft from the handle to the head. The wrapping is colored buy a real 24-karat gold "fuming" technique that is in the glass itself, it will never fade or wear off and it's totally safe. The wrapping is bordered by a navy blue pin stripe and adds approx. 1/4-inch to the shaft diameter. The head is clear smooth and is approx. 1/4-inch larger in diameter than the shaft. The handle is clear smooth and solid with a ball end that is approx. 1/4-inch larger in diameter and serves to help you hand from slipping off. (Glass juicer http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-juicer-the-love-handle.html Lollipoppers ribbed anal plug (Blue) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lollipoppers-ribbed-anal-plug-blue.html Perfectly designed for precise handling and control of all your anal pleasures, this multi-speed vibrating plug is texturized for the ultimate back door fun. Made of hygienically superior TPR rubber, this piece is incredibly soft and safe, providing non-toxic and phthalate free excitement during every intimate encounter. The piece begins with a smooth, rounded tip head that tapers outward to a larger body, covered in raised ribbing for the ultimate penetrating delight. From there the thickness decreases, returning to a thin neck just above the large flared base for increased safety. A ridged knob-dial controls the powerful multi-speed vibrations and includes a finger ring holder for easy handling and comfortable maneuverability http://www.sexfunstore.com/lollipoppers-ribbed-anal-plug-blue.html G-Spot Vibrator - Vivid girl power flex (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-vivid-girl-power-flex-black.html This bendable vibrator has amazing flexibility to give orgasmic g-spot massage. Multispeed vibrations are concentrated in the tip for maximum pleasure. Grab the comfortable controller base, and slide the switch to one of the three speeds - low, medium or high. A LED indicator brightens with each power level, enabling easy maneuvering of the switch even in the dark. The powerful motor delivers vibrations inside the bulbous tip, the stem beneath is bendable to customize the angle of penetration and G-spot stimulation. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-vivid-girl-power-flex-black.html Bdsm collar - Special order studded collar (Rectangular) http://www.sexfunstore.com/bdsm-collar-special-order-studded-collar-rectangular.html This 1" wide collar is an excellent accessory for any kinky outfit. Made out of high quality leather, it measures 19 1/2 " long and features a buckle closure with 11 holes for comfortable sizing. The front of collar also features 11 round studs for a slightly dangerous look. (Bdsm collars http://www.sexfunstore.com/bdsm-collar-special-order-studded-collar-rectangular.html Anal Bead - Vivid's Acrylic pleasure wand (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-bead-vivids-acrylic-pleasure-wand-purple.html It might seem like an insignificant touch, but the Pleasure wand's base handle is what separates it from other probes. You'll be surprised to learn how much easier and safer it makes every penetration and removal. This unit sports a wide curve for a little anal versatility and this also focuses and accentuates the pressure from the tip wherever you direct it. The shaft is made out of acrylic-one of the smoothest sex toy materials-and has five beads along its spine that simulate multiple insertions. Simply designed yet stylish, this minimalist toy is a must for the woman who knows how thrilling an anal orgasm can be. (Anal Beads http://www.sexfunstore.com/anal-bead-vivids-acrylic-pleasure-wand-purple.html Camisole set - Mesh cami top with g-string (S) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-mesh-cami-top-with-g-string-s.html Delight your lover with this sexy hot pink top. The comfortable mesh material is soft against your skin, and is accented in fine mesh with a satin ribbon bow in front. The elastic trimmed neck and back provides a customized fit that will showcase your curves. The included pink G-string is decorated with matching mesh and two black bows, and features a keyhole styled front and open crotch design. (Camisole set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-mesh-cami-top-with-g-string-s.html Lubricant - System JO H20 flavored lubricant (Cherry) http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-system-jo-h20-flavored-lubricant-cherry.html It's time to meet your new best friend with System JO's mouth watering flavored lubricants. Completely water based, these premium lubricants are non-toxic, non-staining, 100% latex safe, and regulated by strict FDA guidelines, ensuring you safe and responsible play. With no artificial sweeteners, these lubricants have a great taste that leaves no aftertaste or sticky residue on the body. They glide on smooth and silky for an amazing, lip-smacking sensory experience. (Lubricant http://www.sexfunstore.com/lubricant-system-jo-h20-flavored-lubricant-cherry.html Sexy gown - Pink gown with g-string (XL) http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-gown-pink-gown-with-g-string-xl.html This unique set is sexy and intriguing all at the same time. This long gown features a double-layered bra, accented by a black satin bow at the center of the bustline. A soft black lace bra with a scalloped trim, is followed by the second layer made of sheer pink mesh which ties around the neck. The bodice has open sides creating a hotter look, and the matching black lace g-string is also included. (Sexy Gowns http://www.sexfunstore.com/sexy-gown-pink-gown-with-g-string-xl.html Camisole set - Stardust cami with g-string (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-stardust-cami-with-g-string-m.html This provocatively elegant cami set is made of sheer black chiffon that is accented with a glitter and stars design. The triangle cups are held together by a shimmering rhinestone jewel, and have soft straps that tie around the neck. The chiffon flounce hem is split into four separate short tresses, each asymmetrically designed creating a sexy open front and a low cut back. Comes with a matching g-string. (Camisole set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-set-stardust-cami-with-g-string-m.html Vibrator - Mini waterproof vibe (Purple) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-mini-waterproof-vibe-purple.html This mini waterproof massager has a soft, pliable exterior for a gentle touch and powerful vibrating sensations and fully waterproof for use in or out of water. Measurements are: 4 1/2" long, 1 1/4" wide, 4" around. Uses 1 AA battery, not included. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-mini-waterproof-vibe-purple.html Bondage hood - Erotic mind http://www.sexfunstore.com/bondage-hood-erotic-mind.html Add a new kind of experience to your wild bdsm plays with the Erotic mind fetish hood by Rachel's Pleasures. This stylish and original head harness will make your plays a lot more meaner and sexier. The giant suction cap at the back of this item helps you to attach the harness to any surface and restrict the movements of the wearer's head. Made out of high quality nylon for a great comfort, it also features special pull straps that allow you to tighten the action for a better fit. (Bondage hood http://www.sexfunstore.com/bondage-hood-erotic-mind.html Tickler - Ostrich feather (Black) http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-ostrich-feather-black.html Feather fantasy tickler: make long lingering strokes on you lover's skin. Following the contours of their body, find their special "spot" or "tickle zone". "Flutter" and "twirl" in place to get a rise out of your partner. (Tickler http://www.sexfunstore.com/tickler-ostrich-feather-black.html G-Spot Vibrator - Just perfect purple http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-just-perfect-purple.html Just Perfect is an exciting new toy from California Exotics that we are thrilled about. Made out of a super soft jelly rubber, this toy moves with your natural curves for an extremely comfortable play session. The surface of this toy is designed to enhance stimulation thanks to the many, magical nubs, ribs and ticklers that adorn this toy. The tip of the toy is curved perfectly for G-Spot stimulation, and the tip that massages your magical spot is covered with gentle nubs. Just below the G-Spot head are 3 rows of massaging ticklers that provide extra sensation and vibrating stimulation. The rest of the shaft is covered with rows of raised hearts. Not only does it make the toy look incredibly cute, but those little hearts really bring you over the edge with a sensory overload that takes you full speed into erotic bliss. This is not just a vibrator, however, it also rotates for maximum G-Spot stimulation. You can use each function together or independently, depending on whatever kind of mood you are in. The controls are extremely easy to use as well. The control case has 4 different buttons, two are power buttons, and two buttons control the variations. You can turn the speed of the vibrations from low to high with a simple press of a button, as well as change the direction of rotation with yet another button. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-just-perfect-purple.html Whip - Leather strap whip http://www.sexfunstore.com/whip-leather-strap-whip.html Take your BDSM play beyond basic black with this bright Leather Strap Whip from the skilled leathercrafters at Spartacus. This flogger-style whip features a studded handle, angled tips, and a unique color to spruce up your toy collection. Made of quality leather, this playful pink beauty has five metal studs decorating the handle, as well as a fancy braided knot at the top. Between uses, the top-mounted dee ring is ideal for storage or display hanging. The twenty two falls are angle-cut at the tips to give a nice sting when this toy is put to use. Falls are approximately 14", making this an excellent compact whip to toss in your suitcase for a weekend away. (Whip http://www.sexfunstore.com/whip-leather-strap-whip.html Egg vibrator - Chocolates egg and controller http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-chocolates-egg-and-controller.html Indulge in the sexiest piece of chocolate you'll ever enjoy with this playful four-speed vibrator. Waterproof for versatility, this is an excellent first sex toy or as an addition to a collection. A 30" long cord allows for comfortable movement and positioning the vibrations wherever you choose. Red LED lights indicate each speed level on the remote, letting you pick your pleasure even in the dark. The chocolate colors of both egg and control pack are accented by a beautiful rainbow sheen, making this sexy vibrator stylish as well. Both egg and controller are fully waterproof, and can be taken in bath or shower. (Egg vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/egg-vibrator-chocolates-egg-and-controller.html Glass G-Spot Shaft - Mini rocky road pocket rocket http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-mini-rocky-road-pocket-rocket.html 3" long by .75" diameter, the "Mini-Rocket" version our ribbed Rocky Road. A SOLID clear Pyrex shaft with ribs protruding an additional 1/8" from the shaft and a clear rounded head. Slicker than traditional materials, Lubes last longer because it is Non-Porous!!! (Glass G-Spot Shaft http://www.sexfunstore.com/glass-g-spot-shaft-mini-rocky-road-pocket-rocket.html Edible treats - Lust dust (Strawberry daiquiri) http://www.sexfunstore.com/edible-treats-lust-dust-strawberry-daiquiri.html Topco and Hustler's Think Pink! line is a selection of wonderfully sensual body cosmetics that are completely edible. Think Pink! brings you a deliciously seductive new body dust that is available in two outrageous flavors. The fluffy puff applicator that is included tickles and teases your skin, while the delicious powder leaves your skin feeling softly scented and seductive. Simply lightly dust your body with the puff applicator and let your lover lick it off. Body powder has never been so fun. (Edible treats http://www.sexfunstore.com/edible-treats-lust-dust-strawberry-daiquiri.html Vibrator - Jumbo massager (Silver) http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-jumbo-massager-silver.html You love it big? We give you big! The Jumbo massager by California Exotic is definitely an eye-catching toy that will impress you with it's size and power. 11" long with a total of 10" of insertable length, this traditional vibrator will be the main-ship of your sex toy arsenal for sure. Made out of plastic, its seamless smooth shaft offers you great vibrating stimulation throughout its whole length. Requires 3 C batteries (not included) for the flight to take off. (Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/vibrator-jumbo-massager-silver.html Candle - Romantic candle (champagne rain) http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-romantic-candle-champagne-rain.html Turn out the lights and add romance to your evening. Romantic candle will add a glow of romance, a touch of fragrance and has the added bonus of pheromones that can only enhance the mood. Whether you are soaking in the tub with your lover or have it lit by the bed while making love, this candle will create romantic atmosphere. (Candles http://www.sexfunstore.com/candle-romantic-candle-champagne-rain.html Babydoll And Panty Set - Stardust babydoll with g-string (M) http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-stardust-babydoll-with-g-string-m.html This provocatively elegant babydoll set is made of sheer black chiffon that is accented with a glitter and stars design. The triangle cups are held together by a shimmering rhinestone jewel, and have soft straps that tie around the neck. The chiffon flounce hem is split into four separate tresses, each asymmetrically designed creating a sexy open front and a low cut back. Comes with a matching g-string. (Babydoll And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/babydoll-and-panty-set-stardust-babydoll-with-g-string-m.html Camisole, Panty And Garter Belt Set - Chopper lace cami 3 piece set (L) http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-panty-and-garter-belt-set-chopper-lace-cami-3-piece-set-l.html Made out of an exquisite and romantic looking lace, this cami set is sure to please. The top has adjustable straps and traditional triangle cups. Comes with a matching thong and a garter belt with removeable garters. (Camisole, Panty And Garter Belt Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/camisole-panty-and-garter-belt-set-chopper-lace-cami-3-piece-set-l.html G-Spot Vibrator - Lucid dream no. 54 (Green) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-54-green.html Powerful, sensual and quite large, this is one serious vibrator. Like all Lucid dream vibes, this one comes with tons of perks like being waterproof and virtually silent. And since it's also curved for G-spot action, this toy can be used in a countless number of ways. The shaft is made out of soft TPR silicone, a top sex toy material, and both ends have three round nubs each. Whether you use them for clitoral or G-spot stimulation is up to you. (The bullet is in the tip of the larger end.) The vibrations can get very powerful, and there are four speed levels that are controlled via up down buttons on the remote pack. To sum it up, we're very happy with this vibrator, it's fairly simple to use, yet powerful and extremely versatile. Thumbs up from EdenFantasys.com! (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-lucid-dream-no-54-green.html Massager - Triple tong teaser http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-triple-tong-teaser.html Designed exclusively for superstar Kirsten Price, this multispeed personal massager from Wicked is ingeniously built and "oh so powerful." Made of a super soft jelly material, the remote controlled vibrator is small and discreet, but packs a wallop when the dial is turned up all the way. The supercharged piece has three different sized tongs that sit in order vertically atop the powerful egg. Great for any erogenous zone, these little tongs vibrate from a gentle nudge to a thunderous shaking, so be careful when using, as the sound can become very loud. Batteries not included. (Massager http://www.sexfunstore.com/massager-triple-tong-teaser.html Corset And Panty Set - Pink brocade corset (34) http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-and-panty-set-pink-brocade-corset-34.html This elegantly designed corset is crafted out of shimmering pink brocade and black satin accents. The bustline is trimmed with a beautiful scalloped lace enhancing your every curve. The boning creates an hour glass figure with hook and eye closure on the front, and laces up on the back. The garters are detachable and adjustable for a precise fit. Slip on the matching thong and thigh highs to finish the look. (Corset And Panty Set http://www.sexfunstore.com/corset-and-panty-set-pink-brocade-corset-34.html Bondage Kit - Japanese silk love rope cuffs and blindfold http://www.sexfunstore.com/bondage-kit-japanese-silk-love-rope-cuffs-and-blindfold.html Take the guesswork out of bondage with this fun and safe hot pink cuff and blindfold set. Adjustable to fit anyone, the thick, soft ropes are excellent for curious beginners in BDSM play. Two figure-eight buckles enable a perfect fit very simply. Just insert wrists or ankles into the two soft rope loops and pull outwards, the cuffs will automatically tighten. Release is just as easy, the buckles are pulled back inwards and the cuffs loosen for removal. The buckles also have a clasp that enable them to be removed entirely, if desired. The included blindfold has a shiny pink patent leather finish on the outside and delicate rope trim. The lining is made of soft cloth, and two elastic straps hold the blindfold firmly to the face. (Bondage Kit http://www.sexfunstore.com/bondage-kit-japanese-silk-love-rope-cuffs-and-blindfold.html G-Spot Vibrator - Stellar vibe G-spot orbit (Pink) http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-stellar-vibe-g-spot-orbit-pink.html Get your spacesuit on because this multi-speed vibrator is going launch you into an orbit around planet pleasure. Made of silky smooth TPR rubber, this soft vibrator is non-toxic and phthalate free, providing safe and healthy play for every intimate encounter. Angled perfectly for direct G-spot stimulation, this piece features a large knob head covered in raised bumps for an all-over internal massage that will tickle and tease the G-spot with increasing excitement. From there, the head tapers into a long and slender shaft that is contoured for expert maneuverability and handling. A ridged knob-dial base directs the powerful multi-speed vibrations while also providing a superior grip and support. Not to mention, the expertly crafted waterproof construction makes fun in and out of the water just as exciting. (G-Spot Vibrator http://www.sexfunstore.com/g-spot-vibrator-stellar-vibe-g-spot-orbit-pink.html