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You are here: search site Home search site  search site  search site Butt plug - Butt candy ribbed (Pink) 

Butt plug - Butt candy ribbed (Pink)

Butt plug - Butt candy ribbed (Pink)
zoom imageButt plug - Butt candy ribbed (Pink) 

Butt plug - Butt candy ribbed (Pink)

Butt plug - Butt candy ribbed (Pink)
Price $10.99

4 inches long, ribbed and made of silicone, this delicious Butt candy tickler is a firm but flexible dildo that`s a perfect appetizer to the main course. Though you`ll have loads of fun tickling yours or a partner`s erogenous zones, this dildo`s size makes it more of a foreplay toy than an earth-shattering-orgasm toy. One of the advantages of the silicone material is that it retains heat better and for longer periods of time than other substances-especially when friction is applied-and this temp erature resistance means you can clean and disinfect your toy by boiling it. (Butt plug
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