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Butt plug - Ballistix plug it

Butt plug - Ballistix plug it
zoom imageButt plug - Ballistix plug it 

Butt plug - Ballistix plug it

Butt plug - Ballistix plug it
Price $13.99

Aside from anal stimulation, one of the main reasons people (men or women) use anal probes is to get comfortable with anal penetration, and this is as safe and sensual a toy as any to that effect. Though this probe might be a little too large for beg inners (almost five inches around at its widest point,) the entire shaft is made out of firm rubber that smoothens out every insertion. As for its shape, the head is rounded and exaggerated, and the shaft widens downward towards a wide flat base. Thi s flared bottom allows harness compatibility and can also be used to stabilize the probe on the ground so you can lower yourself onto it-this is actually a good way to start out if you`re not acclimated to butt plugs because the weight of your body h elps with penetration. (Butt plug
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