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Body powder - Semenex

Body powder - Semenex
zoom imageBody powder - Semenex 

Body powder - Semenex

Body powder - Semenex
Price $44.99

If your partner dislikes oral sex because of the taste, Semenex may solve the problem. Made with a proprietary blend of fruits, vegetables, and vitamins, this powdered supplement naturally removes the bitterness and salt taste of semen and adds a bit of sweetness. Effects can be noticed in as little as 12 hours, but it is recommended to be used twice daily for two days for maximum results. Simply blend two small scoops into the drink of your choice and enjoy. The smell and taste of the powder is similar to pumpkin pie or cinnamon. This large canister is labeled as a ten day supply, when used as suggested. No more than two servings per day should be used, and individuals with glucose sensitivity such as diabetes should consult a doctor prior to use. (Body powder
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