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You are here: search site Home search site  search site  search site Anal Bead - Anal 101 intro beads (Purple) 

Anal Bead - Anal 101 intro beads (Purple)

Anal Bead - Anal 101 intro beads (Purple)
zoom imageAnal Bead - Anal 101 intro beads (Purple) 

Anal Bead - Anal 101 intro beads (Purple)

Anal Bead - Anal 101 intro beads (Purple)
Price $9.99

Shane`s World and California Exotics teamed up to create a set of anal beads that is perfect for beginners, but can be enjoyed by experienced anal players as well. These beads are made out of a soft, yet firm, jelly that will help create an enjoyable , erotic memory for anal novices. The beads gradually increase in size the deeper you go, so you can be sure that your pleasure will increase as well. The first bead has a gentle circumference of an inch, which is an easily insertable size, yet feels quite pleasurable. The Anal 101 beads also come equipped with a handy retrieval ring, so you can be sure that you won`t lose your beads deep inside. And since they are made completely out of jelly, these beads will not bunch up inside and they`re mu ch easier to keep clean than the standard beads which are strung together on a cord. So pick up a pair of Anal 101 beads today and let class begin. (Anal Beads
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